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  • I just ran across something in the new beta that I hadn’t noticed before. I have the plugin configured in the network and network activated.

    However 1.7 is still exhibiting the same behavior as 1.6 where the Directory Auth menu is listed under settings and you have to re-enter all the info. This is the first time I’ve tested on a completely new multi-user install.

    My previous testing was as an upgrade to an existing network so I didn’t notice the settings I put in the network area weren’t really being passed on to the sites.

    On a related note how do I completely remove any traces of wpdirauth from the database? I’d like to start over clean plugin data wise and start testing again.

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  • Plugin Author Paul Gilzow


    There isnt a clean up script currently. If you have access to your MySQL database, run the following

    DELETE from wp_options WHERE option_name LIKE 'dirAuth%'
    DELETE from wp_usermeta WHERE meta_key = 'wpDirAuthFlag'

    And that will delete all of the changes wpdirauth has made to the database.

    Plugin Author Paul Gilzow


    For the first part of your post, I’m a little confused. There should be a section under settings for “Directory Auth” where you place all the settings the plugin needs. In a multisite/network set up, the Directory Auth settings will show up in the Network area, and also for the main/parent site, but not any of the child sites.

    You mentioned that you have to re-enter all of the info. Is this in the Network area? The only section that LOOKS like it has to be re-entered is the Bind Password. The bind password has to be stored as plain text in the database since it has to be passed to LDAP before a search can be performed. But I didnt want to output the password back to the browser.

    I was trying to move user data from one multiuser install to another and ended up scrambling a lot of things trying to normalize data and settings between the two. And confusing myself in the process. I’ve started over with a completely new multiuser install and database to to test the plugin with. I’ll let you know how it goes.

    Ok here’s where I stand at the moment. I have a completely new WPMU install with the main site and one child site. I have the main WordPress admin user and one LDAP user. All the Directory Auth info is added and the plugin is network activated.

    The LDAP user is an admin for both the main site and the child site. On the login screen for the main site I get “Login using your ….” and I enter my LDAP user and all is well.

    If I go I the child site’s login screen I just get the standard WordPress “Please Login” and do not see the “Login using your ….” Directory Auth prompt. When I try to login with the LDAP user I get :

    Directory Login Error: Sorry, but the site administrators have disabled directory access in this WordPress install.

    Any ideas?

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