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  • Hi, i am working right now on a small site , and deside to develope a small plugin witch will show info about wpdeveloper (in my meaning person who registred at and have contribute some stuff like plugin or a theme)

    here is a link to plugin

    here is a screen

    to add such content you need to add to post or page content such block

    here is in example you see my profile ‘butuzov’

    this plugin done in 1 or 2 hours so for now it dosnt have

    • interface
    • tiny_mce intergration
    • template edition
    • this is a just demo… betta

    if someone intrested in this plugin, please text betta, and tell me your feedback. i will finish this plugin after release of wp-multilingual witch is more important for me and other users now.

    waiting for your fedbacks.

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