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  • hi!

    Nice plugin ! I had no issue installing it, which is already a good start :). Here is what is my need:

    I’m implementing our school’s website using WordPress as CMS.

    Now, there is one feature i’m not sure how to resolve. We want to have “testimonies” of past students to be displayed across wordpress pages, in a specific area of the page. They will either be videos or written text with an image. They will be embedded on regular wordpress pages either a specific video for a specific page, or just random testimony video for a given page.

    Question: can your plugin be used to display a specific video testimonial according to which page is being viewed?
    I would also need to be able to display the last entered testimonial on the frontpage. Reading through your doc, it’s not possible as such. Could you make it happen?

    Thanks a lot for sharing your work !


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  • Hello Alex,

    I’ve added a third parameter to the wpcjt function: ID

    So if you need to show a given testimonial somewhere, just specify its id in that parameter.

    Also, there is a special id, id=’last’. It will help you show that latest $limit testimonies so wpcjt(10,”,’last’) will return the latest 10 testimonies.

    I hope it helps! Give it a try and let me know how it goes.

    All best,

    great, will try it now. thanks !

    works great ! But it appears i can’t edit a testimonial, i an only delete existing ones or add a new one. Am i right or am i missing something?

    sorry i got confused! i thought clicking on the author name would send me to its company website. I would just suggest, for the sake of consistency, to duplicate the link as a “Edit”, alongside the “Delete” that you show on mouseover.

    thank you very very much!

    another small thing: you should remove escape slashes on outputting the testimonial body text. Right now i have this:

    this is just a test testimonial. i \’m deeply moved by this excellent piece of work.


    another thing: i previously implemented the plugin via the snippet code inside the page.php

    Now, i’m trying to use the inside-post option, with square bracket.

    [wpcjt limit=”1″ id=”2″]

    Nothing shows up. Am i doing something wrong?

    UPDATE: sorry it works; it seems i have to specify the product.


    Actually, unless you are trying to show testimonies for a “product” different than an empty string, it it not necessary so [wpcjt limit=”1″ id=”2″] should works as expected. I tried it on my end and it worked. It’s weird :/ Can you take a look at the table wp_wpcj_testimonials (or whatever it is in your installation) and see what is exactly in the field “product”? Perhaps I forgot to trim the data prior the insertion and should be using something like [wpcjt limit=”1″ id=”2″ product=” “].

    By the way, version 1.0.2 get ride of those slashes.

    And I added an “Edit” link below the client name. I don’t like to have the “red buttons” (delete, empty, clear… any unreversible order) close to the “green buttons” (edit, view.. any “light” order) so they are appart from each other.


Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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