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  • Resolved Patrick Sanchez


    WPCB version 2.4
    Not having to put the [WPCB]on page is great, but it also removes the possibility to customize this page (‘Title and content’).
    What about putting 2 new fields in the configuration, one for the title of the page and one for some HTML content before displaying the icons?
    That would also solve the problem of the title of the page in French.

    Also I noticed that on my test site (http://maindomain/test), the credit card icons don’t display properly because the call to the pictures is relative (src=”/wp-content/plugins/wpcb/logo/CB.gif”). That works fine on my final website, but could be an issue for some people.

    Thanks again for your hard work

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  • Just a quick correction: The CB/Visa/MC logo location is defined in the ATOS pathfile and is independent of the WPCB configuration. My apologies for that mistake.

    Thank you for your comment Patrick.
    I will add this option in the futur release (this night!).

    Just upgraded to 2.4.1. Thank you for the two new fields for the ATOS credit card page, but there is bug: The website now only displays this page (without the credit card icon), regardless of the page select (home or any store page).

    Sorry for this, corrected in 2.4.2

    Version 2.4.2: Problem of 2.4.1 corrected. The text before the CC icons is displayed correctly but the page does not have a title (no big deal, I just included the title in the main text).

    Thank you 6WWW

    I will look at it. But it depends on your theme, i think. I saw the same error in another complicated websites.
    Thank you anyway for giving me feedbacks as you do ! It helps a lot.

    Version 2.4.4:
    – Using the self generated page does not work anymore. (It takes me back to my home page)
    – However, using a page with the [wpcb] short code works (after checking the box in the DEV tab).

    I think that giving the choice between the two methods might be confusing for all the new comers who already have to juggle with the complexities of ATOS and WPEC. I would recommend you pick the method you prefer and stick to it.

    Keep the good work, it is going to be a great plugin.

    You are fully right.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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