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  • Resolved Patrick Sanchez


    Payment by check or Paypal works fine. However when I pay with a credit card, I go through the bank portal sucessfully, the program brings me back to the home page as expected, but the basket does not empty and the transaction is reported as incomplete.
    I tried both the test bank portal and the pre-production bank portal with no difference.

    Any thought?

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  • I have the same problem with an ATOS payment

    I am not sure why but after the acknowledgment from the bank, the program never calls automatic_response.php to finish the transaction with wp e-commerce.

    To get it to work, I had to do the following:
    1- In Extensions (plugins)-WPCB-ATOS- Normal return=’HHTP:/xxx/automatic-response.php
    2- In Extensions (plugins)-WPCB-ATOS- cancel return=’HHTP:/xxx/automatic-response.php
    3- In Extensions (plugins)-Extensions Installees(Installed Plugins) – WPCB – wpcb/automatic-response.php
    3-1 line 168 replace $response-code=00 with $response[‘responsecode’]=’00
    3-2 line 198 add after the last } wp-redirect(WP_SITEURL);exit;

    I don’t like what I did because it is a hack and not a legitimate improvement, but I need to get my project running before a legitimate solution is available.

    cart.class.php on line 739

    penseelibre, could you please elaborate?

    Hello everybody,
    Thanks a lot Patrick for notifying the bug.
    The new version 2.3.6 include the correction replace $response-code=00 with $response['responsecode']=00
    This was the bug

    You don’t need to change the normal and cancel return anymore as you did. But it is not so important.

    Sorry for this.
    Have a nice day.

    Thank’s Thomas. I’m going to test on Oya

    I just update WPCB on OYA but the basket does not empty and the transaction is reported as incomplete.

    The new version 2.3.8 allows a better debugging.

    • Update
    • Go to the dev tab and click copy automatic_response file
    • Go to the atos tab and click the link to check if you have a white page

    If you have a white page then everything should be working fine.
    If not then i will need to check myself on your server. To do so i will need you to follow the support procedure described here :

    Let me know.
    Best regards

    Thank you for all your efforts 6www,

    I just upgraded to 2.3.10 (2.3.9 did not work). After a successful transaction, the payment is now accepted ( 🙂 ) but the cart still does not empty ( 🙁 ). I have not yet looked into the code to track down the issue.

    Version 2.4 does not solve this problem

    Hello Patrick,
    I encounter the same problem as you.
    I tried a lot of things all without finding a track or would you still find better solution ….
    Good to you, and good luck.

    Hello everybody. I found that the google (optional) function that adds the Atos log to a google spreadsheet may be the reason of this bug. It is corrected in the 2.4.1 let me know if automatic_response.php is properly called and if the sale is now complete.

    Just tested version 2.4.3
    The sale is complete, I get the emails (one for the buyer and one for the seller), but the cart does not empty.

    I have to force it to go through automatic response.php to make it work fully:
    – Plugins/WPCB/Atos tab/normal_return_url: http://domain/automatic_response.php
    – Plugins/installed Plugins/WPCB/Edit/. Select the automatic_response.php file, and insert at the end of the file wp_redirect(WP_URL);Exit; just before the last ?>

    I am not quite sure why I have to force it yet, but I am still investigating.

    Hello Patrick,
    Thank you for this fix.
    This is added in the 2.4.4
    I don’t know also why this fail. The problem with emptying the cart is also a lot discussed at wp-e-commerce forums.

    Cold sweats. When I upgrade to 2.4.4 in I have a white page on the website, arghhh

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