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  • Plugin Author John Eckman


    Looks like your posts are getting grouped by app – you should be able somewhere to tell Facebook not to group posts.

    But then I see you’re also using RSS graffiti – Facebook might see that as spam if you post the same things twice.

    Graffiti does status updates… thats unrelated. This problem appeared after the timeline.

    Your statement doesn’t address why we cannot comment. Grouped or not.

    Also there is no way to ungroup the apps.

    Plugin Author John Eckman


    mykkal – you’re talking about Facebook functionality WPBook has no control over.

    If you post as links, I understand they will not be grouped – see

    Facebook does the grouping, not WPBook.

    As for why your commenting is not working, again, I have no control over how the Facebook Timeline works – once WPBook posts something there, Facebook chooses how to display it.

    You might be better off opening a ticket for this inside Facebook’s support.

    Thia ia an issue affecting your entire user base. I’m not even interested in grouping nor did I ask you anything about grouping.

    Wpbook’s commenting seems to be incompatible to the new timeline feature of facebook which every profile is migrating too and your passing the buck.

    Most awesome John. Most awesome.

    Plugin Author John Eckman


    You’re more than welcome to choose another plugin. I’ve spent hundreds if not thousands of hours on WPBook and WPBook Lite – coding them and supporting them quite actively in these forums – and never charged anyone a cent.

    You’ve never paid a cent for WPBook or WPBook Lite. Your patches are welcome.

    What you are complaining about – the inability for people to comment on posts from an Application in your business page timeline – is not something which affects my entire user base. WPBook and WPBook lite work just fine on the several blogs and timelines I have applied them to.

    I can’t identify, on the Facebook page to which you pointed, any posts which I know are generated by WPBook – I assume the ones that say “via Hair We Go Style Blog! New Posts & Comments” are WPBook powered?

    If so, I don’t see any error in leaving comments.

    The point is, you are complaining to me about features I have no control over – once WPBook posts to the FB Graph API, there is only so much I can do.

    Most awesome mykkal. Most awesome.


    1. You responded to my question by stating something about group posts which was never ever related to my question. That is an insult to anyone’s intelligence. You could have stated you had no time or something more respectable.
    2. I know people, psychology, and their reactions. All that means is you didn’t investigate, read in detail, care, or even want to answer the question. You wanted from the beginning to pass the buck by deflecting with a crappy answer that was totally unrelated.

    yes i’m awesome… unfortunately this morning you are not. I’m not a developer you are…and right now your hella wrong and have been since your first reply.

    Enjoy that.

    Plugin Author John Eckman


    The reason I mentioned posts being grouped together is because I actually did take the time to go review your page, identify some posts, and try to comment on them.

    Here’s a post that is not grouped:

    Note that the comment feature works fine on these posts, which is why I said I couldn’t see the problem above.

    Here are some posts that are grouped:

    Note that for these commenting fails – an ajax call to a facebook service which returns a 500 error, which suggests it is a Facebook problem.

    Thanks for your appreciation and kind words – it really makes me feel great about having devoted my time to writing software for you to use at no charge.

    Your response elicited my response.

    I’ve chatted with you many times before and there was plenty of appreciation & gratitude there…As matter of fact those posts were laced with praise.

    Please excuse me if I don’t appreciate your over-explaining & attempt to redirect the meaning of your responses this morning. Again…stop insulting my intelligence. Its uncool.

    Here are some posts that are grouped:

    Note that for these commenting fails – an ajax call to a facebook service which returns a 500 error, which suggests it is a Facebook problem.

    Thank you for taking a look. Somehow I think this response (your last one) would have made more sense to me and the communication would have taken a much different direction.

    Plugin Author John Eckman


    Interestingly, when I look at a post on my timeline, grouped, from another app, and click comment – I get a popup / modal. (Looks like a popup window but isn’t really a new window, just a hidden div shown).

    Maybe this feature hasn’t yet made it’s way to fan pages in timeline mode?

    I suppose thats possible. Haven’t heard back from FB support yet. I wanted to install the timeline on my profile but not yet…The grouping thing, I don’t like that much. Right now everyone in FB is trained to look at a profile in order. So I expect the WP-Book plugin to get much less use now.

    A lot of things seem to have changed that make me nervous. Such as the landing pages are gone.

    That was a big part of the previous business fan pages.

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