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  • I have the checkbox Enable “Share This Post” (within Facebook) checked but when the automated Facebook post is created it doesn’t have a Share option. The only options on the Facebook page for the post are: Like, Comment, and Read More.

    Any ideas or conflicting settings I might be running into or is this a bug in the plugin?

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  • Plugin Author John Eckman


    I believe this is a Facebook limitation. Items added via the API (rather than by a logged in user actually posting a status update) don’t get a share.

    Nothing I can do about it.

    not true (unless it changed very recently)I used ‘Facebook Page Publish’ until just a few weeks ago because I liked the comment cross pollination your plugin does.

    So did FB change very recently?

    Plugin Author John Eckman


    No idea what Facebook Page Publish is doing, but I’ll take a look.

    Plugin Author John Eckman


    Looks like that plugin is publishing the items as links – using the “/links” part of the graph API.

    (Facebook docs on link: )

    WPBook (and WPBook Lite) are posted using a FB Post object – see

    I could explore in a later release allowing the user to choose to post links rather than posts – not sure what other differences there are between the two.

    Here’s the bug report in FB about the share links:

    Thank you Johneckman for taking the time to look into it 🙂 I appreciate the effort.

    Plugin Author John Eckman


    HEy TheCitizen are you using the Facebook Timeline yet?

    I’d be interested to see is posting to Facebook using the “Link” object as opposed to the “Post” object gets better results in terms of how it is displayed on the timeline.

    That does remind me. My personal account is using it and i noticed my last post got lumped together with a previous post out of order on my timeline, as opposed to posting the day it happened.
    So I would be happy to test, I will be writing another article today so i could test it out, if you have a test plugin ready.

    Plugin Author John Eckman


    Just posted on this issue on my blog.

    Posting as Link relies heavily on the open graph metadata being in the right places on the target blog – you just pass of a URL and Facebook hits the URL to get the excerpt, image, and the like.

    Posting as Post offers more control / uses the data available in the post itself at the time of posting, without relying on the open graph metadata.

    Given how few blogs have decent open graph metadata in them (to check yours, just post a link to one of your posts on your own wall manually and see how accurate the metadata is FB pulls), I guess I’m likely to stick with posts.

    But do Links fare better in the newsfeed algorithm?

    Links, from my site at least, look great, the question now is will the links still pull the comments back to the blog?

    in the end THAT is my reason behind using WPBook.

    Plugin Author John Eckman


    I’d be able to import comments back the same way I do so for posts – with read_stream permission you can access the comments connection of the links object.

    But it is different enough that WPBook would need to know whether the object for which it is trying to get comments is a Link or a Post – the graph api call is different.

    I suppose I could first interrogate the object by type, then use the appropriate mechanism to pull comments.

    Time for a big update to WPBook I guess – now to find the time. 😉

    Sweet, i will be glad to test it out!
    Oh and when I get some cash this month i’ll throw you some donation $$, even without the added features its still a great plugin!

    Plugin Author John Eckman


    @thecitizen Just tagged and released 2.3.1 – now offers choices.

    For Wall Posts (individual profile): post, note, or link

    For Groups/Pages: post or link

    If your blog’s open graph metadata is good, you can use links instead of posts.

    Also looking at just adding the “Share” link as an action instead of “Read more” which is what WPBook currently adds as an action.

    Posts from the Graph API only get one “application defined” action.

    Excellent. Seems to work great. Am I missing a setting to have it only show the excerpt up to the <!more> tag?

    BTW You rock for adding this option!

    Plugin Author John Eckman


    if you have a specific post excerpt defined, WPBook should use that.

    If you do not have an excerpt defined, or that excerpt is empty, WPBook calls $post_content, which should in this context provide the content up to the “more” tag (the “teaser”)

    See on Teaser, Excerpt, Automatic Excerpt.

    Is it not working for you that way? Maybe the problem is that since I’m loading a single post, the “more” tag just gets ignored?

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