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  • What version are you using, I know there was a comment problem with versions prior to 1.4.2. If you’re not using the 1.4.2 release I would suggest that.

    What is the app url? You shouldn’t be seeing a url like that from withing facebook you should be seeing:

    You mentioned wordbook above that is an entirely different plugin are you sure you’re using WPBook and not WordBook.

    Let me know more details and I’ll try to help.

    I’m having the exact same problem. I’ve setup a test app on Facebook ( and a test WordPress install ( I’m using the latest versions for both WordPress and WPbook.

    @corey13 What is your canvas url? The “link to external post list” is also broken making me thing something is wrong in the way this is setup.

    The canvas url in FaceBook is The canvas url in WPBook is cdtesting.

    I have exactly the same problem like izabael.

    this is the url I get when I try to comment within facebook

    my canvas url is

    the fb application canvas url is: sulanet

    what did I wrong?


    I forgot to mention that I’m using the latest versions for both WordPress and WPbook too.

    I’m looking into the comment problem but for thouse of you who can’t get the view post on extrnal site to work you’ll need to set permalinks in Dashboard > Settings > Permalinks.

    I had the permalinks set to the default. I changed them to Month and name and still have the same problem with comments. The link to view post on external link has always worked.

    izabael – what’s the homepage of your wordpress installation?

    Is wordpress installed in the /blog/ subdirectory or do you have a custom homepage?

    WPBook should be constructing the comment handler url based on your Settings->General->Blog Address.

    WPBook registers a handler which should accept the comment and post it.

    Those of you who are experiencing a problem – do the comments someone writes get submitted? Maybe it is just the redirect after the posting which fails?

    I get the issue on my test blog. The comment won’t post or go into the comment que just a white page with the url “”

    I don’t have this issue on my production blog which is on the same server which I find strange.

    is your test blog installed in /blog/?

    What I’m trying to determine first is if the correct url is being called – is the home page of your test blog?

    Seems like the upgrade to wp2.9.2 breaks wpbook to display the comment form in facebook; no issue when using wp2.9.1 earlier i.e. the comment_template() is returning empty when the rest of the post contents are shown — see and http://

    The issue with ?fb_sig_in_iframe&wpbook=comment-handler” I’m having is with WordPress 2.9.1. I’m not sure what would happen with 2.9.2. I may just pull the trigger on it to see what happens since it’s justa test blog anyway.

    Some other notes: I don’t have wordpress installed in the root directory. It is in /test/ and is configured without a custom home page.

    BandonRandon: Is your production site in the root directory? I’m wondering if WPBook doesn’t like subdirectories.

    My test blog is in a wordpress folder of a subdomain. While my production site is just inside of subdomain.

    for example my test blog is and my production is just

    John, what does the custom “?fb_sig_in_iframe&wpbook=comment-handler” do? Why did you go away from having the comments posted with the custom script?

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 22 total)
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