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    I got a problem with the current version of WPBook 2.5.3 or with Facebook.

    After a couple of hours I get the error message “Your Facebook Access Token for WPBook has expired…”. After using the “Checking permissions” function in WPBook the message disappears because a new token is set but after some hours it starts over.

    I think it is something because of the deprecated offline token access but I can’t find the error in my fb settings.
    Link to the current settings image

    I have tried it with activating and disabling the “Remove offline_access permission”. Always with removing the app from the user apps, renewing the secret key and given the permissions through the wpbook “Checking permissions” function. But I still don’t get it to work properly.

    I really hope you can help me with this.

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  • There are no problems with WPBook Lite. I have not changed my settings in my facebook application but WPBook Lite can generate a long live access token, or the message just doesn’t pop up. Deactivating Lite and activating the normal version brings me the earlier behaviour with the 2h valid access token.

    And the publishing works with facebook, but only with WPBook Lite. I need no canvas so I will use the Lite Version but it seems, that the problem with the access token is not resolved with the normal version of WPBook.

    So far!

    Plugin Author John Eckman


    Glad to hear WPBook Lite worked for you. I’m actually using WPBook 2.5.3 with my own blog, so I know it works.

    Not sure why one would work and the other not, for you, since they rely on the same underlying code – though defintely if the https/http stuff is configured wrong in WPBook it can fail due to that.

    Yeah I am glad about it too. But there are some differences with the access token handling in the /includes/publish_to_facebook.php between the lite and normal version. But I did not extra looked it up in detail, I was just manipulating the descriptions, so none is set xD. I got a photoblog and I don’t want to publish the posts with a description and have to set it to empty, otherwise the description are the assigned tags and this is confusing for others. An option here would be great but it only would make sense for photoblogs (so no prior xD).

    Thanks again for this great plugin!

    Hi, I am getting this error:

    Your Facebook Access Token for WPBook has expired. Please visit the settings page for WPBook and grant a new access token. Until you do so, cross-posting to Facebook and import of comments will fail.

    I have the required SSL and my app is working. I have checked to make sure that all of my id’s are working correctly in the required settings of the plugin by following the links that you’ve had them generate, also in the required settings area.

    This is my app:
    This is my wordpress:

    Any recommendations?

    Plugin Author John Eckman


    Demetrius – first, please don’t add on to a thread that is already marked resolved – instead, start a new one. (I don’t generally look into old threads marked resolved, and didn’t see your question).

    Second, have you generated a new access token, as the note suggests? You say you’ve checked all the IDs, but have you generated an access token?

    After generating an access token, revisit your wpbook settings page to see your access token, copy it, and test it here:

    That will tell you if it is valid, and when it is due to expire.

    If it has a very short expiration date (a few hours, not a few months) you are getting “short-lived” tokens, and you need to look at the settings for your Facebook application – depending on when your Facebook application was created, you may need to enable “offline_access migration” or you may need to disable “remove offline_access” – basically, WPBook shifted (due to Facebook’s changing API) away from Offline_access tokens – as I described here back in May

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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