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    I’ve set this up twice now, it seems one post works, and then trying to post I get a blank white screen, a refresh gives me a notice that my access token is expired. Remove offline access is disabled in the advanced settings, I am an admin of the group.

    Every time I “check permissions” I get the below message, even if it’s 30 seconds after I’ve checked them before…

    This page is where you can check and grant extended permissions, which enable WPBook to publish to your personal wall and/or to the walls of fan pages.

    The Facebook profile ID you are currently logged in to Facebook as is 1*8. You have defined 1*8 as your Facebook user id in WPBook Settings.

    FB profile 1*8 has granted these permissions:

    read_stream – yes
    publish_stream – yes
    manage_pages – yes
    user_groups – yes
    An access token for this user has been stored.

    You’ve indicated you wish to publish to this group: 9*9

    ERROR: The user access token does not include publish stream and offline access permissions.

    To correct any of these, Grant or re-grant permissions for your userid. (This is required if you intend to publish to your personal wall OR any fan pages.)

    The Grant/re-grant URL is as follows:*************2&redirect_uri=,publish_stream,manage_pages,user_groups

    I’ve searched and found others with similar issues, tried to correct it, maybe I’m just burnt out on it. I’m sure I’ve missed something.

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  • Well, all in all I think it had something to do with my blog only accessible via SSL using a shared certification with my hosting provider. (HostGator). I’ve switched to using WPBook Lite and all seems well. Went overnight without having to re-grant permissions. There may have been an easier solution, but this worked.

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