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    Hello all, everything is working great but in the last few day I noticed all of my blog posts were showing up in a 2″x 2″ scrollable window in the middle of the page. I went in and changed the app to auto resize and that made everything full screen, but I cannot scroll down and look at older posts anymore. I am using iframe and have no clue what is going on. (this is what is shows set to auto resize)

    Thank you for your time,

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  • Same problem

    Plugin Contributor BandonRandon


    @smoman, I get an auth error. Did you take the app offline?

    I just checked and it comes up,just recent blog post. If you go to and on the left side the app is DeerDaze Connect.

    Thanks all,

    Plugin Contributor BandonRandon


    @smoman, I can’t see a link to your app either. But if I go to I see this

    So I dunno what’s up… :-/

    The problem is not changed so I make the app from “Show scrollbars” to “Auto-resize” so if someone go to app see the last post.

    Plugin Contributor BandonRandon


    @greekspy Are you saying you’re still having problems? The setting SHOULD be “auto-resize” If you are still having problems please post a link to your app.

    yes it does, and if I change the setting to auto-resize it only gives me one blog post on the screen. I used to be able to scroll down and see the list of blog posts on my site. I only see one now….

    Yes was in auto-resize but today when I went to the app. show me a small screen at top left of the explorer with scroll bars and the dimension was 10cm x 3 cm so I change it so the few users can see at least a half post. The funny thing is when smoman wright about it lol. “Same problem” (is in auto resize)

    Plugin Author John Eckman


    @snoman – I can’t get anything but an error trying to load any of the urls you’ve provided. Perhaps you disabled wpbook?

    @greekspy What browser are you using?

    I am seeing an issue which looks like your blog is not getting appropriately resized – generally this happens because some javascript your blog includes fails, which prevents the autoresize event from firing.

    In your case I’m seeing two javascript errors in the error console in Firefox.


    Error: SHRSB_Settings is not defined
    Source File:
    Line: 28

    And then later:

    Error: b is undefined
    Source File:
    Line: 7

    The first seems to be an error related to the SexyBookmarks plugin and its sprites, so you might try disabling that and see if the problem resolves itself.

    The second is related to the facebook api library – but I’ve no idea why it would throw a “b is undefined” error, but a bit of googling suggests it comes from trying to load the old library and the new in the same page – perhaps you’re using another facebook connect plugin at the same time as WPBook?

    Plugin Author John Eckman



    Also, the javascript you’re running to catch right-clicks makes it so I can’t view frame source to see what your app actually renders, to see what js is being included.

    Which means I can’t help.

    @johneckman After your update to 2.2.3 is working again so thanks, also Im using chrome and the right clicks are off (lol), the plugin sexybookmarks doesn’t show me any problem ever so I dont know(maybe because I have Chinese news). But thanks again for your platform. The problem is resolved.

    Hey john… I’m getting the same rescroll issue. Are you seeing javascript errors on my end as well?

    anyone figure out the scrollbar issue? HairWeGo’s fanpage tab is doing the same.

    Double checked my installation setup and everything appears to be right. Did facebook make display changes?

    Plugin Author John Eckman


    @mykkal What do you mean by the “rescroll issue” or “the scrollbar issue”?

    Is your FB application set to “auto-resize” or to “show scrollbars”? (There’s one setting for the app canvas page and another for iFrame tabs).

    What browser and OS are you using?

    WPBook depends on a javascript provided by Facebook as part of their API which is supposed to resize the iframe to match the length of the content – but that javascript can fail in some circumstances.

    When I hit in Firefox 4 or Chrome I get scrollbars, which look like the app is set to “show scrollbars.”

    What do you see here:

    Hey John! When i visit I see the scroll bars. I’m using google chrome.

    FYI (and on another tangent): Didn’t know you work with magento! We have a magento based shop ( that i’m attempting to turn into a revenue base but its slow going. Magento is a hard platform to learn.

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