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    Hello again.

    I have successfully setup a WP site as a FB app using your plugin (awesome)

    I have also now gone a step further and encountered an issue I hope you may regard as a bug or future upgrade.

    I have made my WP site members only (login on front page to access home) – then I have used another 3rd party plugin to authenticate my WP users from an external database.

    This works well.

    (note: my WP site is for members of an existing web service)

    Now, I have tested all this is facebook – the FB app canvas correctly shows the WP login page if the FB user does not have a logged in session in their browser for the WP site.

    In the FB app you can login to the WP site. – and here is the issue:

    After login, the FB app shows the proper WP home page (not the FB styled version) – so I guess its just the WP site home page in an iframe.

    If I then refresh the FB app canvas it loads the correct FB app canvas look of WPBook

    I hope all this makes sense. It might be better to see it all in action



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  • Plugin Author John Eckman


    Joe – it does make sense.

    Members-only sites in WP isn’t something we’ve really thought through, actually.

    My guess is we need to find some kind of hook/filter that fires in WordPress when someone successfully logs in, that controls to what url they are redirected to.

    Facebook is adding a signed_request parameter to the iframe call when it first loads the canvas, but my guess is that gets lost during the login exchange.

    Unfortunately this just isn’t supported by the current code – I’ll add it to our wishlist of features but can’t promise any specific timeline as it really just depends on my spare time to work on it.

    Others reading the forum who are coders – or yourself if you are – patches welcome!

    This woud be a great thing to contribute if someone had the time . . ..

    thanks for your reply

    often there are options for what to do after someone successfully logs in to WP – perhaps these might make a difference to how the FB canvas behaves?

    Can this FB app use FBML instead of iframe ?


    have a look at these options for a members only plugin – any of these help me ?


    Plugin Author John Eckman


    Not sure. You might be able to use one of the “redirect once logged in” settings and point to index.php?signed_request=1

    That should trigger the FB detector

    thanks, I’ll give that a go now


    I think I just achieved the desired effect by putting this at the end of the canvas URL


Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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