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  • Resolved Santaclaes


    Posting to my GROUP seem to work fine but posting to PAGE just won’t work. I get this not so informative error code:

    “No post id returned from Facebook, $fb_response was /n and $fb_page_type was and $wpbook_description was and $my_title was”

    I’ve looked around in this forum and found a couple of settings that I missed but now I seem to be stuck. Anyone got any pointers?

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  • I noticed a difference on another site I’m running that posting to a PAGE is working:

    On my working site it sais:
    Permissions for pages
    “You’ve indicated you wish to publish to this page: (displays page ID)
    An access token corresponding to the page titled Naturlivet has been stored.
    It is (displays acces token)”

    And on my non-working post to PAGE site it doesn’t display the token beneath:
    Permissions for pages
    “You’ve indicated you wish to publish to this page: (displays ID)”

    Could that have anything to do with my problem with not posting to PAGE?

    I’m receiving this error, too. Posting to my personal wall works fine but posting to the wall of my page results in “No post id returned from Facebook, $fb_response was /n and $fb_page_type was …” Every time.

    By changing my personal ID to the page ID the error doesn’t display but the post still doesn’t make it to Facebook.

    Plugin Author John Eckman


    @santaclaes It might – should show an access token for that page, and you should be able to validate that token using the Facebook debugger.

    Have you recently regenerated tokens?

    Plugin Author John Eckman


    @ryan.taylor – when you visit your WPBook Lite settings page, is there an access token listed for the page in question?

    Yes. There is a stored access token. I’ve generated a new one and tried posting again but still can only post to my wall and not the fan page wall, which is what I actually want to do.
    I’ve also tried disabling, deleting and reinstalling the WPBook Lite but still get the “No post id returned from Facebook” error.

    Upgrade plugin to 1.4.2 and regenerated access token.
    Still get the error.

    When I enable “Show errors posting to Facebook Stream” it shows a different error when trying to post …
    “Caught exception publishing to page as Post: (#200) This API call requires a valid app_id.Error code: 0”

    On 1.4.1 with “Show errors posting to Facebook Stream” enabled, the error was …
    “Caught exception for page access token: An active access token must be used to query information about the current user.Error code: 0”

    Facebook debug of stored token =
    App ID: 153363934730808
    User ID: 100000442634697
    Issued: 1337968241 (7 minutes ago)
    Expires: Never
    Valid: True
    Origin: Web
    Scopes: create_note manage_pages photo_upload publish_actions publish_stream read_stream share_item status_update user_groups video_upload

    Plugin Author John Eckman


    Ryan, what’s the ID of the page you are trying to post to? Is that page set to allow for posts on it?

    I assume that the stored token debug you provided here is the page level token?

    Are your application settings in Facebook set so that “remove offline_access” is enabled?

    Interesting that your token has a never expires, but the scopes doesn’t list offline access.

    I have seen this before when the domain set in Facebook for the application didn’t match where the post came from – even down to versus or /blog/ subfolder – check that too.

    Thanks for working with me on this. Unfortunately, the client decided to terminate my admin permissions instead of pay for my services.

    I look forward to using this plugin on another site soon and will be in touch.

    Keep up the good work.

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