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    I’m having an interesting error while trying to get this plug in working. I had been using WordBook and just today switched to WPBook.

    Everything looks good. When I go to my App page: I get my blog as expected. When I check permissions, I get my ID as expected, but it’s followed by:

    You've indicated you wish to publish to this page:
        Caught exception in fql_query: Parser error: unexpected end of query.

    Grant permission show my blog and infinite session key.

    I’ve done and fql.query check against my account and all items show “1” as active.

    Using core control, I’ve verified that cURL, PHP fopen, PHP stream and PHP fsockopen all work (I beleive that cURL is required for WPBook to function)

    No blog posts are making it on to my wall. I’ve set the debug option and there are no debug files in the WPBook directory. MySQL is not showing _wpbook_page_stream_id or _wpbook_user_stream_id in the wp_postmeta table

    Thinking this might be a version issue, I was previously running 2.9.2 so I upgraded 3.0.3 to see if anything would change. It didn’t.

    Any help is much appreciate.

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  • Plugin Author John Eckman


    Hmm. First time I’ve seen that error message.

    What setting do you have in WPBook settings for what pages to publish to?

    (First what FB Profile ID, then secondarily the Fan Page, Application Profile Page, or Group, from the WPBook settings page inside WordPress).

    Are you trying to publish to your personal wall, or the wall of a fan page?

    Have you published new posts? It’s only on the publish of new posts that they will get posted to your wall.

    In core control, have you seen any cron tasks setup for wpbook?

    Hmm, perhaps everything is great and I’m an idiot. I tried a new post and it showed up just fine. I thought I could edit a post and select post to wall and it would work.

    Still a little weirded out by the error, but it’s working and I’ll go away now.

    Just to answer all the questions for the next person to run along.
    Publish new posts to YOUR Facebook Wall is checked.
    Profile ID: 100000162998716
    Personal wall only.
    Core Control shows wpbook_cron_job set to run hourly.


    I have the same problem and I can not figure out why it is

    This page is where you can check and grant extended permissions, which enable WPBook to publish to your personal wall and/or to the walls of fan pages.

    Your userid is

    You will need to enter that number into the WPBook settings page on your WordPress install.

    Grant permissions for your userid. (This is required if you intend to publish to your personal wall OR any fan pages.)

    You’ve indicated you wish to publish to this page:

    Caught exception in fql_query: Parser error: unexpected end of query.

    This is what I said when I click on check permissions


    Plugin Author John Eckman


    @balarck have you entered a FB profile ID in the WPBook settings inside WordPress? Is it a valid Facebook Profile ID? (For example, my own profile id is 1825518 – but you won’t be able to grant permissions for that id, you need your own).

    Have you entered a page id for the page to which you expect to publish? What kind of page is it? (Application page, Fan page, or group page). (For example, I cross post to page id 44062579871 – your id may have more digits).

    Similarly, is it a valid id?

    The error message suggests that those are not yet entered into WPBook settings, which will cause this to fail.

    I’ve solved the problem was that it had put the page id

    Thanks John

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