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  • Plugin Author John Eckman


    @boatyardboy Sorry to hear it.

    Are you using “featured thumbnail” in the post-edit sidebar to set one of the thumbnails?

    Can you point to one of the sad smiley’s you get?

    I insert the image into the post and also click use as featured image which loads it into the sidebar on the post screen.

    Here it is on my profile:

    Here it is on my page:

    I also noticed that it only shows the featured image with notes on my profile and not the page…

    It shows in the app exactly like it used to.

    Plugin Contributor Brooke


    I see the featured image, did something change?

    On the posts titled “example sad smile” on both the page and the profile it just shows 🙁 smiley, you can scroll down a few posts to see it. I have purposely left it there for you to see.

    I have reverted back to 2.013 presently as i need to get content on.


    Plugin Author John Eckman


    How big are your post thumbnails / featured images?

    (WordPress settings -> Media)

    160 x 160 are the thumbnail settings.

    It works perfectly in 2.013.

    I upload the flyer image for the event to the main content area and while the media options are popped up i click “use for featured image” and it loads it into the add post right sidebar, click publish and everything is all good.

    I do it exactly the same in 2.1 and it displays the sad smile instead of the thumbnail in facebook.

    Can you see the sad smiley in facebook on the post “example sad smile” if you follow the title link it shows a larger image of what the thumbnail should look like…

    Plugin Author John Eckman


    Hmm. In 2.0.13 we weren’t using the ‘featured image’ API at all – we were just grabbing the first available image attached to the post.

    Maybe we can go back to that as an option – but I’d rather get the ‘featured image’ (or what used to be called “post thumbnail” in 2.9) working – that would let users set it specifically for that purpose.

    Does your WordPress theme show the “featured image” somewhere, or do you only see it in the backend post editor?

    Ok i have justed tested.

    My theme will take the featured image first, if there is no featured image it takes the first attached image to the post. It can also take from a custom field.

    It does use the plugin “get the image” I don’t know if that could be conflicting with wpbook version 2.1 featured images or not.

    Plugin Author John Eckman


    Hmm. WPBook is trying to use get_the_post_thumbnail() – which should not be impacted by the theme so long as you’ve defined one for each post.

    Maybe WPBook needs to more specifically request it’s own size thumbnail?

    I have defined a featured image thumbnail for every post.

    I have also noticed the same happen on another plugin.

    “wp facebook like” when the like/recommend button is clicked the post it creates in facebook has the same sad smiley face next to it.

    I dont know if maybe there is a conflict or if this was just a coincidence.

    Good day.

    I am having this same issue after I upgraded as well.
    Beofer the upgrade i would select a featured image for every post and that would be used in facebook

    Now there seems to pull a random image not too sure why.

    my blog

    I run Arthemia Premium theme.. normaly set two images one main one for my own blog which i do useing the customs feild
    I add Name(Image) Value (/uploads/2011/03/willitblend.jpg) to get my main image then i set that same image as my feature image this way my blog and facebook uses the same iamge.

    Any suggestions on a work around for this for now made a few posts today before i relised this

    Plugin Author John Eckman


    It’s not a coincidence – when the post-to-the-wall doesn’t include an image, Facebook instead visits the url and picks an image. FB like does the same thing – if you haven’t added the FB metadata identifying which image should be used it picks one.

    How it chooses which one to use I’ve no idea.

    So the issue is why WPBook is either failing to find the “featured image” for the blog post(s) in question, or WPBook is finding the image but when it tries to post the image as an attachment to the Facebook wall FB ignores it.

    any way of disabling this for the time being until it’s fix’d? would rather have no image then the wrong one.

    Plugin Author John Eckman


    Unfortunately, not really. You could comment out the section which tries to get the post thumbnail but then FB will just grab a random image anyway.

    I will need to add some debugging to try to figure out where this is breaking down.



    Thanks for helping me with the ssl problem earlier today. I’ve also have this problem with the image.

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