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  • I’m pretty excited about WPBook (I’ve been looking for something that shares the comments between WP and FB for years), but right now when I comment inside the app, it does not post the comment (either on FB or WP) and instead kicks me over to my blog homepage.

    Application is at by way of example.

    I’ve followed the instructions very carefully and triple checked everything, but I can’t figure out what’s causing the error. As you can see at , my index.php is heavily modified, but it’s still using the default WP setup–no static page is set.

    Any suggestions or assistance would be greatly appreciated.

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  • Thanks silverpenpub – I took a look and tried to submit a comment and see what you are seeing.

    Not sure where to start with troubleshooting, other than that you seem to be running some plugin related to comments – the one that shows the preview of the comment below it as you type. I wonder if this is overriding or somehow impacting the default form action.

    Can you try temporarily disabling it?

    Basically WPBook’s comment form submits to, in your case:

    Then it uses WordPress’ built in query routing to handle that posted form, and once the form is processed, redirect back to the Facebook app.

    Do you have some url rewriting that takes and forces it back to ?

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    Comment preview doesn’t affect it, and neither does setting permalinks to default. I also tried removing a few things related to index.php from my .htaccess file, but they just prevented posts/pages from working and didn’t resolve the comment issue. Hard to tell if that’s related or not…

    The .htaccess does redirect index.php back to /, but as you’ll notice, does work. The link you gave above for the comment form just goes to a blank page for some reason, though.

    I’m not particularly interested in posting my full .htaccess file, but I could send you a copy if you think that would be helpful. I could put together a full list of plugins I use as well (I believe there are over 30 at this point).

    I understand not wanting to publish your .htaccess – you can contact me through the form at my blog.

    WPBook uses a built in WordPress function to catch the query and route it to the appropriate handler – seems like in this case it is never even getting to that point.

    Any chance you have access to the PHP error log on your host?

    Have you tried disabling all plugins but WPBook and trying that?

    Any other users having this problem? I’m not able to recreate it on any of my own blogs so I’m a bit stumped at the moment about how to fix it.

    I am having similar problem too.
    But i am aiming for getting comments made on the post that appears on the WALL to be exported to the wordpress post.
    I only get comments made on post in the fb application exported to my wp blog.
    Is it possible ?

    My FB homepage.

    My application

    My Blog

    @dakoo – Importing comments made on your Facebook wall to your WordPress blog is not a current feature of WPBook.

    You might look at another plugin called wordbook – which claims to do just that. I haven’t used it myself.

    I am looking at including this functionality in a later release but can’t promise any timelines.

    Patches welcome. 😉

    FYI, with version 2.0.0 I am importing comments from FB wall – see my blog post about beta testing it or download from the “other versions” section on the plugin download page.

    Hello John! Thank you for a great plugin!
    One thing that is not clear to me – is the plugin also supposed to sync WP comments with FB? I mean if someone leaves a comment on post that is also shared on FB, should the comments appear on FB as well?
    Thank you again!




    If it works like I think it does, it should sync in the app view ( but not in the wall view (on your fb wall.) This is due to us not being able to post other peoples data (eg the people who leave comments via WordPress) to your facebook wall.

    @silverpenpub – are you still having this problem? Are you still reading this forum? 😉

    @thinkmarco Comments made in WordPress are shown in the Facebook application view as BandonRandon said, but are not added to the excerpt posted to your Facebook wall.

    Thank you, BandonRandon and John!
    I understand my original confusion, though i don’t see the WP comments appearing in the application view either. I will double check, but I am pretty sure it doesn’t. Here is the application view: It seems cut off.

    @thinkmacro – what’s the url of your blog outside FB? It helps to be able to compare them.

    It does look like something is getting cut off, but it is hard to tell what/why.

    Actually, I don’t know why I ask that when I can figure it out by looking at the iframe source in the app –

    I think it might be the Outbrain widget that’s running on the blog? Seems like it replaces some of the content when it runs inside FB.

    Any chance you could disable it just to try it out?

    Any update?

    Apologies, John! I am traveling and really do not have the time at the moment. I will get back in a week a so and then will have time to play with. I really appreciate you following up! Thank you!

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