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  • Plugin Author John Eckman


    Hmm. That’s certainly odd. So when you are actively publishing, the post thumbnail exists, when when a scheduled publish occurs, for some reason WPBook doesn’t find it.

    Does your theme (outside of WPBook) use post thumbnails? Specifically, does your theme’s functions.php include something like this:

    if(function_exists('add_theme_support')) {

    If not, please add it.

    Here’s the relevant section of wpbook/includes/publish_to_facebook.php:

    if (function_exists('get_the_post_thumbnail') && has_post_thumbnail($my_post->ID)) {

    The message in debug is the ‘else’ to this ‘if’ – so given that the post ID is correct, why would has_post_thumbnail fail?

    See – it’s been in since 2.9.0 and should work.

    Let me know about your theme.

    I already added add_theme_support(‘post-thumbnails’); but it doesnt work in this blog for sheduled posts.
    I have 3 blogs with the same theme and identical functions.php. 2 blogs work with wpbook, the third doesnt. I dont know why.

    I tried a workaround in your publish_to_facebook.php, but in all cases get_the_post_thumbnail doesnt exist in sheduled posts.

    Now I installed the plugin FPW Post Thumbnails in this blog and the right thumbnail appears on facebook. But why? The themes for all blogs are the same. All of them have add_theme_support(‘post-thumbnails’) in their functions.php. All based on WP 3.3.2 and all of them have the same plugins installed. I cant find any differences between these 3 blogs.

    Plugin Author John Eckman


    Did the other 2 (which worked, I assume, without FPW Post Thumbnails) blogs have other plugins related to post thumbnails?

    Are your post thumbnails unique in some way on the third blog?

    They all have the same plugins and the same theme? Same versions, to?

    I’ve no idea what would cause this to fail in some circumstances and not others – maybe the failure isn’t in get_the_post_thumbnail but in the has_post_thumbnail part of the if statement? I guess that could fail under some circumstances for a given post ID, though I don’t know why it would.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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