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  • Andy,

    Did you add ?app_tab=true&fb_force_mode=fbml to the end of your tab url in your facebook settings?

    Yup. Just re-pasted it in too just to be sure.

    Here’s a quick update. I got an e-mail from John (the lead developer) who mentioned some problems with the new Facebook page tab layouts. We belive we may have to swich to OAuth 2.0 to resolve this. In the mean time maybe try to switch back to the old page view if you can and let us know if that fixes it.

    I’m not seeing a ‘switch back’ option to revert my Page. I’ll keep looking. If you need help testing, I’d be happy to help!

    I added the app to another Page that had not been upgraded yet and it worked fine.


    I’m not sure if there is a switch-back option I was just crossing my fingers and hoping they had one. Well the fact that it worked in an old page pretty much confirms the problem is with new way of doing tabs.

    @andymatic – you shouldn’t have to revert your page.

    In the Facebook settings for your app, under “Facebook Integration” you will now have an option for your tabs to be either iframe tabs or fbml tabs – make sure yours are set to FBML and you should be ok.

    This is working for the “Open Parenthesis” tab on the WPBook Fan page:

    The iFrame-based tabs may not be possible inside WPBook until I update the authentication mechanism to use OAuth

    I changed Page Tabs to FBML and the page is rendering correctly. Thanks to both of you for your help on this. When you guys need help testing the Oauth version, let me know.

    Just to be clear (and for others reading the thread):

    In the Facebook settings for your application, in the “Facebook Integration” section:

    In the Canvas group of options:

    For Canvas Type, choose iFrame.

    For iFrame Size, choose “auto-resize”

    In Page Tabs group of options:

    For Page Tab Type, choose FBML.

    For Tab URL, enter: ?app_tab=true&fb_force_mode=fbml

    Can you mark this thread resolved? I can’t, maybe because it has a tag other than wpbook?

    Somebody already did. Thnx!

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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