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    I’m trying to post the application for my blog to my (personal) FB profile. Here’s the app:

    When I click “Add to Profile” button at the top, nothing happens. When I access, I get my FB Profile ID but the section for pages of which I’m admin has zero pages listed. If I click on “Click here to grant permissions for your userid,” I get a white screen with “Success” at the top, but nothing else happens and I still can’t post the app to my profile.

    “Enable FB users to add you app to their profile” is checked. (I don’t have/need a Fan Page for the blog, I just want to add it as a tab to my personal profile.)

    Any ideas what I’ve messed up? Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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  • I think it is a javascript error.

    The Facebook Javascript which draws (and reacts to clicks on) the Add to Profile button is quite sensitive – when other JS errors occur on the page it never seems to initialize quite right.

    In loading your FB app, and looking in the error console, this error s thrown:

    jQuery is not defined

    Might be this plugin:
    <!– WP-Stats-Dashboard by Dave Ligthart –>

    Seems to expect jQuery to be loaded but it isn’t loaded.

    What version of WPBook are you running?

    Version 1.5.6 of WPBook

    I’ll try deactivating WP-Stats_Dashboard and seeing if that helps. Thanks!

    Hi John,

    I’m having the same issue with my fan page. Everything seems to be working fine but even after adding to the page it doesn’t show up in the applications. I’m running wordpress 3.0 any known plugins that might be an issue? Thanks in advance.

    Actually, one other thing to try – which seems to be a need as a result of changes in the way FB treats profiles for pages.

    In the FB settings for your app, on the “Profiles” tab, make sure you put something in the Tab Name, and put just a question mark ? in the “tab url” box.

    Apparently FB now doesn’t allow profile boxes for apps, but automatically makes them into tabs.

    The tab won’t actually work, but it’s presence will let your “add to page” work.

    I need to revise WPBook to handle the new tab format, but haven’t gotten there yet.

    Thanks John. Seems to be working now. I am seeing a double post and code for the image and captions. Is there a fix for this? Thanks again in advance.


    The tab will work if you upgrade to WPBook 2.0.2, and add ?app_tab=true&fb_force_mode=fbml to the “tab url” setting in Facebook settings for your app

    Thanks, John! The tab worked perfectly.

    Glad to hear it – thanks

    amprescott – can you mark this thread resolved?


    I couldn’t get my version to post on my fan page wall and so I tried the putting something in for the tab and a “?” in for the tab url. This created the tab but then shows about 30 parse and runtime errors in the content section.

    I then added “?app_tab=true&fb_force_mode=fbml” in the tab url and now it is working… partially. It shows the text from the posts but then below there are two slashes: “//” Here’s a link to a web pic for you to see: You can see the entire post if you click on the post heading however.

    Any advice?

    Oh yeah, and it didn’t publish a youtube video I had embedded. But again, this works if you click on the header.

    Embedded videos (and any other object tag) are not allowed in Facebook Tabs due to FBML restrictions, so they are stripped out.

    Not sure where the two slashes are coming from – are they where the embedded youtube video would have been?

    By the way – if you use the “more” link in WordPress and only show excerpts on your main landing page, you can effectively require the user to click on the “read more” link which will take them into the app where the full video is shown

    The two slashes were located where the video would have been. However, I tried two other posts with text only and the two slashes still showed up. Again, you can see a quick image of it here:

    Ideally, I would love to get this on the wall of the fan page however. I noticed somewhere you had posted that you needed to update some of the code to deal with something in relation to the “tab url” issue. Has this been done? If so, maybe I should try it again!

    Yes, the tab url is working fine. You should try 2.0.5, and be sure to look at the install_instructions.html included with it.

    Can you post the url of your blog outside WordPress, and the url of your FB app?

    I’d like to see what’s in the full text of the post to try to see what might be outputting the two slashes

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