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  • Yeah, I think everyone does. Doesn’t seem to matter what version of jQuery you have, whether you manually add wpaudio.js and/or wpaudio.min.js, or what theme you have active. 🙁

    This is the only bug I have left for WP-Audio and it appeared in a recent update of WordPress. I only experience this bug with Chrome however. The progress bar works fine in Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera and Safari.

    I have tried to contact Todd about it but as most of us have noticed he doesn’t seem to support this plugin anymore unfortunately. It’s really a shame because it’s by far the best I have found so far.

    Also having the same problem. It just appeared out of nowhere, likely due to an update along the line somewhere. No javascript errors or anything. Really confusing and really unfortunate because I agree it is the best and most customizable player out there right now.

    Doesn’t work in Chrome (15.0.874.121), but works in Safari (5.1.1). On Lion 10.7.2

    OK with the help of this thread, I managed to get WPaudio working again, however, the progress bar wasn’t fixed. I dug around in the code a bit and it seemed like the issue was in these lines (293-294 – after the changes from the above thread):

    start = player.buffered.start();
    end = player.buffered.end();

    Which were caught by the catches and set constantly to 0, which is good so it wouldn’t throw errors, but bad because it was hard to tell what the problem was . The problem is that they needed an argument (0).

    start = player.buffered.start(0);
    end = player.buffered.end(0);

    So, finally it works again, progress bar and all, for me at least, WordPress 3.3, Chrome/Safari on Lion.

    I’ve pasted the updated code including rahul286’s modifications here:
    Full JS / Minified

    Simply replace wp-content/plugins/wpaudio-mp3-player/wpaudio.min.js with the code and it should hopefully work!

    Minified version didn’t work for me, changed wpaudio.php line 122 to wpaudio.js i.s.o. wpaudio.min.js and it now works.

    YES! Waffl this change alone fixed it for me as well. Thank you!

    OK, I need an mp3 / audio player for my client’s blog… found this one, but I’m not a coder… am I going to be able to use it?

    It may not be critical for the status bar to work, although would be nice.

    And not sure exactly “HOW” to place the file once the plug in is activated… Do I just insert the url where the mp3 is hosted… into that code with the brackets? [ ]

    You can tell I am a newbie at this…
    Hope you can help!



    I still don’t get it to work.. can someone just make a package with all the custom code in it so I can re-upload it to my wordpress?



    I followed the solution of WAFFL but it didn’t work.

    MERCHANDISENl’s answer of changing line 122 i still have to try. Line 122 is that the line that says

    (‘jquery’,,’1.4.3′); if so witch part has to chance?
    and if not so what is the line then end witch part do i have to chage

    i am sure you can help me out



    This worked for me. I just copied the Minified code and replaced the code in the wpaudio.min.js as waffl said. it fixed my Chrome ‘No Progress Bar problem’.

    Thanks waffl



    Hi guys – I copied the Minified code over as well and it works great! Thanks waffl!!

    A quick question – does anybody happen to know how to get the progress bar to minimize again once you hit the pause button?

    I appreciate any help I can receive! Many thanks in advance.



    Thanks for the fix! So glad I can use this plug in. It would be good to flag up this on the plug in page somehow – lot’s of people must be scratching their heads over this one.



    Hey guys,

    I am having trouble with the plug in. It works fine in firefox/internet explorer (and probably safari, but I’ve never used it) but does not work on google chrome.

    I tried to copy and paste waffl’s new .min.js file, – to no avail.

    But when I click on the .min.js file it says “inactive” at the top of the editor. When I click on the wpaudio.php file, it says “inactive”

    Anyone have idea for the fix for this?

    I tested the haiku plugin on our site, but it didn’t convert any of my wpaudio codes to haiku playable ones. I’d prefer to fix this problem rather than have to get a new plug in and redo all old links.



    To clearify, I think I am having the same issues as oleput

    WAFFL – you have been a fantastic help, thank you very much.

    For those who can’t do what WAFFL says, click the raw button next to the code in his link, select all and copy, paste into the relevant file.

    Simples – and very rewarding.

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