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  • Just thought I could help you out with some bugs.

    1. text=”” doesnt seem to support symbols like &.
    2. couldn’t get the converter from audio-tags to work. I did have artists= and titles= info in my audio:tags, maybe this has something to do with it?

    And finally just a suggestion. when clicked on new song, pause the one playing.

    otherwise: GREAT plugin, very easy to modify even without “css-support”

    Can be viewed at (quite heavily styled though, with different gif also)


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  • You might miss standard of file itself (should be an mp3, not RIFF wav). Also, check frequency of recording – should be 44100 hz.

    ah okay, that’s the matter. my frequency was 11khz. Will try to recode.

    Still doesn’t work with
    underground-maintenance-notice.mp3: MPEG ADTS, layer III, v1, 48 kBits, 44.1 kHz, Monaural

    That’s the correct encoding, isn’t it?

    Really like the simplicity of this player. Thanks for sharing it.

    For my site I need to use it hardcoded in my sidebar sans shortcode (shortcode will only work within a widget and I need finer control of when the player appears).

    I plan to use custom fields to pass the .mp3 and title fields so that the player only appears if a file is available, and the sidebar can hold the file related to the post.

    I know I can figure out how to do the custom field values, etc,(I’ve done that elsewhere) but I would appreciate a basic example of how to call the WPplayer from the sidebar without using the shortcode (passing in a straightforward .mp3 link and title to the function).

    Happy to share the custom field trick once I get it working too. Thanks.

    I’ll include a callable wrapper in the next release that will help you accomplish this. Shoot me an email using the feedback form on and I’ll email you once it’s in place.


    I’ve a wierd question


    I’ve build my theme by my self, from scratch theme used by theme “default” which is included from the install.

    How can it come that I don’t get up the flash player?
    Is there any stylesheet problem or is it with jS script? because the link i correct by the url.

    I’vent edited any functions.php, so I thought it could be something with it that need to having configurated with any kind of tag in functions.php but I’m not experienced about this so please help me?

    …and yes I’ve test the default theme and it could display the flash thing

    You probably left out the wp_head() function.


    Hey Todd, the plugin is awesome and the support you’ve provided here has been incredible. I wish most other plugin developers were half as proactive as you are.

    I only have one request, which is that the CSS that’s dumped into the header of the page be called from an external stylesheet rather than being pulled from the plugin’s source code. It’s not difficult to edit the source code to change some of the styling where needed, but it’ll be overwritten whenever the plugin is updated with a newer version.

    Regardless, thanks for the awesome plugin and support.

    Theadsmith, thanks for the feedback.

    My plan is to make the CSS an advanced field on the WPaudio settings page, which would make it stick around after upgrades. Little more user-friendly than editing a file too. Would that work for your purposes?

    Glad you like it, and thanks for recognizing my efforts.

    hi there.
    what about autoinsertion of the player when there is a link to a mp3 file? thus not having ot manually insert the audio tags?

    Support for links is almost finished — just need to test it a little more. It’ll probably be included in the next release (about a week).

    Thanks for the suggestion!

    Hey there. I’m having a similar issue as Mr. Koffee, except the mp3 files I use are standard spec (128kbit or higher, 44.1 kHz, etc etc.)

    I had version 1.5.0 (i think? pre 1.5.1 for sure) and things were working fine in all browsers. I upgraded this morning.

    Now, in 1.5.2:
    -the “play” button doesn’t do anything in any of browsers
    -the link text/file text isn’t reading the ID3 tag info (it is displaying the file names instead)
    -the link is still directly to the file for download (works a-ok)

    Tested this with two separate computers. Windows XP SP3 with IE, FF, and Chrome and Windows 7 RC with IE, FF and Chrome.

    Hi Todd, wanted to say thanks for the amazingly fast support. I echo Threadsmith’s sentiments.

    I’m planning on replacing AudioPlayer with your WPaudio. I appreciate the forethought to include the option to handle AP tags. Another feature I’d like to suggest is the ability to define a path to a default audio directory. AP includes this option and I (and I expect others) have used this for past posts. Rather than have to grep the whole database and risk other issues, this would be helpful in making the conversion.

    Also, I’m not sure if I’m clear on how to call the wrapper in my template. Thought I would ask you to post an example here so others can benefit as well. Thanks.

    Sliptide, could you post a URL for me to check out? I’ve tested 1.5.2 on WP 2.5 and 2.8 and haven’t found any issues, but I’d like to see what’s happening with yours. Thanks!

    Phototv, that wrapper is almost finished. There’s one little change I have to make before it’s ready. I’ll post full documentation on when it’s ready.

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