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  • Just thought I could help you out with some bugs.

    1. text=”” doesnt seem to support symbols like &.
    2. couldn’t get the converter from audio-tags to work. I did have artists= and titles= info in my audio:tags, maybe this has something to do with it?

    And finally just a suggestion. when clicked on new song, pause the one playing.

    otherwise: GREAT plugin, very easy to modify even without “css-support”

    Can be viewed at (quite heavily styled though, with different gif also)


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  • Would be great if the player is supported in sidebar widgets.
    Hope to hear this good news soon.

    Martnu, thanks for letting me know! I’ve fixed the text symbols and will get the artists/titles (you’re right) sorted this morning. WPaudio looks great on your site, and it looks like we have the same taste in music.

    Arashikaze, I’ve enabled the player in sidebar widgets too. Thanks for the suggestion!

    1.2.2 includes these fixes and will be available for download later today.

    (Another thing I’m addressing in an upcoming release: depending on the speed of your web host, it can take a moment for the track position/length info to populate.)

    1.2.2 is available now. Let me know how it works!

    Martnu, forgot to mention that my to-do list includes pausing any playing clip when another is clicked. Thanks again.

    A hit counter would be a cool way to differentiate this audio player from other audio players.

    Right now I am using Audio Player + WordPress Download Monitor to achieve my goals of having the best MP3 blog out there…but obviously your on the right track to doing it better.

    Raize, I’ll consider that. Thanks for the suggestion.

    Could you post a link to your site? I’d like to check it out.

    It could be great if you add a volume control bar in the player!

    Hi, somewhat new to WP and just installed WPAudio. For the most part works great and does what I need it to do.

    However, whenever my pages using it load up, I get an image temporarily that flashes and says “Adobe Flash required to play this file” or something like that. Then it disappears. I have Adobe Flash installed on all my browsers and once it disappears the plugin works perfectly.

    Also, occassionally the page will load up and the Play Button/Icon will be offset slightly higher on the page than the text for the name of the song.

    Any help is appreciated. Sorry if some of this has been covered previously.

    By the way, my website is

    Illi, thanks for your input! I’m sure I’ll find a nice-looking way to fit it into the minimalist design.

    JKavalier, those notices are included in the page so that if the player won’t load, the user knows why and can fix it. As soon as the player loads, they’re removed. I’ll find a more elegant way to do this. Thanks for the feedback!

    JKavalier, I’ve changed the notifications to be invisible until needed, so you won’t see the page changing under normal circumstances. You can download the new release now.

    I’ll keep an eye on the button offset — this is the kind of thing that drives me nuts as a perfectionist. Thanks again!

    I have installed the WPaudio player in my blog but it doesn’t seem to show up, all that I see on my test post is the file name with a
    0:00 / 0:00 signature under it… and when you click on it, it opens up the MP3 in Quicktime on a new page.

    I have the latest WordPress Installation 2.8.2. Please help

    Thanks in advance


    Hi, I’m having a slight issue with mp3s I’ve created from editing on Audacity. I exported them as mp3s and they work fine when I listen to them through any mp3 software but when I try to embed them with this plugin, it lists the file name and says 0:00/0:01 and plays nothing. Any ideas?

    Brian, glad we got it figured out via email.

    mharrows, first give a few other mp3s a try. Mp3s must be 44.1 kHz (the most common sample rate) for WPaudio to be able to play them, and yours may be above or below that. Next, try an mp3 from another site and see if the same thing happens.

    Hi Todd,

    I have the same problem as Brian. I was hoping to resolve it but you guys figured it out via email. Can you let me in on how to fix it?


    This plugin seems like a great start; I hope to install it on a client site soon.

    The audio player tag conversion didn’t work for me. Maybe because there isn’t an option to identify where the existing mp3s are stored?

    Are there any plans to encode the mp3 urls so people can’t download the files?


    Hi Todd,

    1st of all, thanks for the great plugin. Apparently, for a case when I’m not in need of extensive iTunes (and others) support – wpAudio is the best.
    A kind of feature request from my sandbox: i can easily scroll to the middle of recording, however, it’s a kind of problem to rewind playback to zero – the very beginning. Would be great to see 1 more button – STOP for instance which rewinds to 0 point and stops playback.

    Also, in my opinion, some extra administration options would a great advantage in order not to dig to php code.

    I’m pretty new to wordpress coding which makes setup a bit more difficult – i mean embedding wpAudio code into posts. Looks it needs to be typed manually every time (tag [wpaudio] and options). Would be a great option to automatize it a bit.

    Thanks again for nice plugin!

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