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  • Since WP 3.0.4 anyway, I seem to be having issues with WPAudio. Specifically, where there is more than one mp3 in a post, playing one triggers another to play as well. Also, I cannot replay an mp3 without reloading the page. I have not done a very thorough trouble-shoot of the problem, as most of the posts are older and were working fine. I checked the author’s page for support info and the forum is overrun with spam. I also emailed about a week ago and heard nothing back. This has been a great plugin and I will miss it, but right now lots of mp3 clips on multiple blogs are not working right and I’ll need to find another solution if in fact this plugin has been abandoned.

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  • This player is not working correctly in 3.0.5 or at all in 3.1. I am going to have to find another soon.

    I really like this plug-in and hope the developer takes a look at it.

    It seems that there are issues with all of the audio players. Still looking for that elusive one that works and is dead easy for my users to implement.

    Plugin Author toddiceton


    Not abandoned. About to checkin the fix for the problem you mentioned, and I’m in the process of cleaning up the forums.

    Has anyone reported this causing a WordPress site to freeze in Google Chrome? With the plugin enabled, my site often freezes when clicking on an individual post or trying to access the dashboard.

    Really love this player and don’t want to find another one, but cannot use it if it causes the site to freeze in Chrome.

    Yay Todd! Very happy to hear that. I tried a lot of them before I found yours.


    I am on 3.1, with multiuser, multi domain support,and it works flawlessly in Chrome. I am on chrome 9, and i use the use all mp3 links settings in wpaudio, use media library to add the files, and it just works.. I can’t get chrome to freeze, but I am perfectly able to restart the mp3’s, or to be precisely, click on the beginning of timeline. It would be nice if it dropped back and got the play bottum active again thou. What settings are you using? and what other plugins?

    That’s how I am adding the files too.

    Other plugins:

    Google Analytics
    Google Analytics Dashboard
    WP Stats
    WP Super Cache
    Tweet This
    WordPress Importer

    I’ve done QA on all of the plugins, activating each individually. The WP Audio is the only one that causes the site to freeze in Chrome. Again, its not loading the page, its only when opening individual posts or trying to access wp-admin from the home page.

    My website is

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    So great to hear that this plugin hasn’t been abondoned. I’ve been using it for a while now and have traced my website crashing in chrome back to it (even with no other plugins activated). It also doesn’t work at all in Firefox… BUT I’m still standing behind it because it is awesome and Todd is awesome. Everyone knows this is the best audio plugin anyone has ever made for WordPress, from the design, to the easy track titling to the download feature. Perfect conception and soon to be perfect execution!

    Keep up the hard work, it is so very much appreciated.

    Glad to hear Todd’s going to be updating this soon. Hopefully he’ll be fixing the Firefox issue and I’d also love to see the styles being separated from the js.

    Looking forward to seeing the development of this great plugin.

    Tod? Did you decide to abandon this awesome plug-in after all?

    I have several sites running on Genesis 1.7 with the StudioPress NEWS theme on top. Same set of plug-ins, same ver of WPAudio. It works on some and not on others. Going a little nuts trying to determine what’s happening. Anybody seen this?

    And maybe I missed a plug-in. Are there any known conflicts I could look for. I do love this plug-in and want to get it functioning again.

    Yesterday without altering any thing on my page, I realised d that the plugin is not working properly. The link appears but when you play the sound it takes you to your default player (media player, quick time etc) instead of playing the sound from the actual site. I have tried this from a few computers and different browsers. So I am not sure what is happening.

    Thanks for your advice and this fantastic plugin
    Kind regard


    Site :

    Plugin page example :

    It would appear that Todd has abandoned the plugin. Can anyone recommend an active mp3 player similar to WPaudio that they’re using?

    Ah well. I was interested in trying this out as well but the forums on his site are empty and 28 of 30 people report it’s broken in 3.2.1.

    So I guess we should all find a different player. 🙁

    I was having troubles getting it to work after updating to WP 3.2.1/3.3 with Chrome/Safari, and after some tweaks and help from various threads I managed to fix everything as far as I can tell.

    Take a look at this discussion and see if this updated code works for you. Todd, if you are reading, maybe you can simply update the plugin as it was only a few small changes. I really didn’t want to find another plugin because as everyone has been saying this one was the best, so thanks a lot for the hard work 🙂

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