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  • I’m using WordPress 2.5 and I’m in the process of installing the plugin but can’t get past Step 2 of setting the default language. After I choose the language from the drop-down menu I click the “Set Default Language” button, a confirmation window pops up but when I click “OK” nothing else happens. Can anyone help me fix the problem?

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  • What browser you have use?

    Maybe it’s just not compatible with 2.5.
    Check the author’s site/blog and make sure it works with 2.5

    Its compatible with 2.5. you can belive me or test yourself.

    I use Mozilla Firefox 2. Just tried IE 6 as well, but I’m still stuck at the same step.

    According to the author’s website the plugin should be compatible with at least WP 2.5 RC1.

    Well I am author.

    well you see confirm window – so you have js enabled. you have FF2 so you shouldn’t have any problems with jQuery – witch is default JS framework in 2.5 (WP_Multilingual doesn’t use own JQuery distribution at 2.5)….

    after you click set default language, script will pass selected language data to ajax script. after receive data from ajax script “done” – word press will refresh page. and you should see “language management”

    check are have JQuery at your 2.5? if not – re-upload it.

    if it doesn’t help – please msg me – to ICQ i will try to solve this problem.

    I’ve same problem
    after I select (step 2) default language, a confirmation window pops up but when I click “OK” nothing else happens…

    Same problem with 2.5 here. Tried with IE7 and FF2.

    Thats bad guys. I can’t reproduce this bug. If anyone of you can contact with me and show me this bug – very possible i can solve it. But i dont this this bug… so please if you are intrested msg me at icq 318183 or mail

    Thank you for bug reports – it’s very important for me.

    Hi guys – as i thourt thi isn’t a WP_multilingual problem.
    Two of you send me info (thanks Rafael you relly help) about webhosts, an just one of you send me ftp access.

    first that notice – in each case server return 500 error. – i thourth – well might be its a some script crashes… but not. there are two reasons to got this message

    1) each of you change a directory atributes of (mo matter wp-multilingial, or plugins of wp-content dir).

    for example this is site (one of you is owner) witch has wp multilingual install problems. i have change back file
    atributes to drwx-xr-xr (for all inner files)

    that means that server wouldn’t run script if you will change atributes of dirrectory of file.

    2) reason that some of you got error was at htaccess that was located at wp-multilingual folder – not its replaced.

    (Options -Indexes) give error for in directory scripts.

    as you see wp multilingual now enabled at site. you can download new files from this site.


    I have tried to do what you described I have the permission on your plugin folder set to 777. And it still do not passes the 2 install step the one with the language.

    There is no htaccess in the wp-multilingual folder.
    Please can you provide more info. WordPress version is 2.5

    please msg me to icq or mail with account setting to check whats wrong.

    I did send you an ICQ request but got no answer

    Hi, FCKeditor 2.3.1 just doesn’t work with wordpress 2.5, and developer not responding.
    any other editor we could use?

    as i know it dosn’t work at Operam but all other browsers it works perfectly.

    at next release (1.4) with will be presente at summer i will add a feature to use own editor.

    Thanks for your patience

Viewing 14 replies - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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