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  • Let’s start betta test

    What’s new?
    + new interface
    + dual license (GPL + WP_Multilingual Commersial)
    + new working basis
    + widget supported
    + no more FCK-editor!
    + Google XML Maps integration
    + more stable work (i hope)
    + 2.5 and 2.6 testedd and working
    + 2.7 tested (working , but we have a troubles with menu )
    + more options !
    What i am planning to do.
    + Advanced Google maps integration
    + Revisions working options (currently disabled autosave)
    + more plugins integration
    + import data at basic installation from other multilingual plugins
    + hope to update localizations from version to version (current ly used old localizations for 1.3.4 branch )
    + own a people who will translate interface in few more languages.

    for thouse how a scared by commersial license info – its only for a limited users you can read list of it on a dashboard or at time of intallation. btw – price isn’t so big for commersial usage just 50 usd =).

    i am getting troubles right now and cant upload a new version of 1.3 branch – you can download it from here
    its contain only bugfixes from

    i will be glad to answer at your questions if you ask some.

    please feed this topic – i will post updates here.

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  • you also can notice that documentation missed from server i am sorry but its old. in next few days you will resive a one more good surprize from plugin.

    I have tested this version on my site – it works almost perfectly. Although there are few issues to address:
    – it does not write any parameter in wp-config file, so I had to add it manually;
    – maybe because of the first problem, the links in the site are all set to default language. So if I switch languages, I still get the links “behind” the friendly text to be addressed at the default, not current language.
    Could you comment on these problems?

    Marso, can i see a live (not working) example?
    you can sent adress via contact widget at plugin.

    also can you send it with wp login?

    i forgot to tell
    for all updating users!

    please renew your switcher code!
    remove WP_Multilingual and plase there WPML – thats a new class name for WP_Multilingual

    links for download don’t work any more.

    please use
    to download.

    —————————————– is a last release at 1.3.4 version branch , and sorry no support for it anymore.

    my prio now is a 2.1 version.

    I’m using WP 2.6.2 and I just installed the newest beta version of the plugin. I have set a default language, added an additional language and activated it. How can I now write posts in those two languages? There’s no option for that under the WP Write tab….am I missing something?

    I have written to you yesterday with my sample link, but still no answer. As said before, the link of main page is OK (/?language=en), but the others are with this sort of ending – /?p=25&language=lt.
    Where is the problem for that to happen? In case You did not get the private message, I can make address public

    WoW. you find a bug with a message function.

    bug that you describe abowe is already fixed. you can reupload new version from same location

    its always development stage…

    currently we have two opened bugs. people who read this.


    btw – how do think do i need bugtrack engine for this?

    Thanks for the update – now it shows the right language (as expected).
    But still there is another issue with WP function, as I guess: <?php echo get_option('home'); ?>
    It shows up the default language of the title page everytime (as there is no additional /?language= in the address bar). What could be done for that – is it necessary to modify code of that link, or will You add up this functionality to the plugin itself?

    setting hook for get_option(‘home’) call internal loop so. if you need to mak a linkfrom home page please add language key manualy

    Yes, that is clear. But as I understand, it is a dynamic link, not static. So in a case of one language it seems to work fine, but what about two or more languages – is there any way to add language as a variable to this WP option? Maybe some WPML key or smth.

    Hi, just a note. Would be nice if language switcher’s links had an individual id for each of languages. Then it could be possible to use images with flags via css instead of language names. It’s just an idea of course. Or maybe there is a way to use the flags but I just don’t know how?

    marso, no really i have no idia how to do that. i am using get_option(‘home’) later and i need it not changes. is t so hard to append to logo home link <?php echo $GLOBALS['language'];?> ?

    i wish i could do something….

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