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    WP2Cloud can be used to store media in the cloud storage, which, along with ClouSE (that takes care of storing MySQL database in the cloud) stores the whole website content in the cloud storage. This makes it so the traditional backup not needed (though you can still create snapshots of the database using standard MySQL tools for archival and other purposes).

    so if i understand correctly I can use it to backup my website once per month to amazon cloud, as i dont want to spend to much on amazon so just backing once a month is cheaper.

    i am new to cloud so forgive my idiotic questions / assumptions


    Plugin Author Artem Livshits


    Hi scruffy1,

    Thank you for your questions. Please don’t hesitate to keep them coming. Happy to help.

    By utilizing cloud storage instead of local storage as the primary storage your website is instantaneously backed up to one of the most highly durable and highly available storage services.

    The probability of losing the data at Amazon S3 is similar to the probability of losing your primary storage, backup and offsite backup, all at the same time. Refer to official Amazon S3 documentation.

    Iā€™d like to note that in case data protection supplied by S3 is insufficient for a particular customer, with ClouSE they are free to continue relying on any MySQL or S3 backup tools in order to supplement S3 protection.

    You’ll find more information at WordPress on S3: no more backups.

    >i dont want to spend to much on amazon so just backing once a month is cheaper

    Technology such as WP2Cloud + ClouSE allow for instantaneous backup to the cloud storage roughly at the same price as “once a day\week\month” traditional backup approach.

    If you however take into account your personal risk tolerance and the cost of data loss\recovery in your specific case or your specific data, the instantaneous backup may be a more obvious winner.
    All depends on how much you value your good night sleep and your data. šŸ™‚

    There are other advantages of using cloud storage as primary storage, such as the site performance.
    By running the site off the cloud storage (and not just using the cloud storage for the backup) the website becomes faster without any additional effort as pictures are served by Amazon S3 directly.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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