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  • OK, I love the plugin, but for some reason I have several issues with it. There not all that bad, but they make the ads look unprofessional and possibly may contain other issues.

    First off, when viewing the ad slot, along the image of the first ad there is a word that appears with it. It comes from another ad plugin called “Ad Squares Widget.” It is obviously a problem with the code involved with the other widget. Immediate solution: Remove one of the widgets. Not really a good solution, if someone wants to split test the widgets and ads within each one.

    Second, when you set the ads to an even amount of ads and try to set it into two columns. It only sets to one column. This is a theme issue. I am using the Thesis Theme, so you are able to adjust body and column widths inside the admin area of the Thesis theme. The column width is defaulted at 195px. Solution: I tried expanding the column width to 290px. WALLAH! It worked. So it is a definite theme issue when it comes to the width of columns.

    These were the only two set-up issues that I had. So, I can now report that with the set-up it has no issues. I will continue testing out more to resolve any further issues.

    I have one question, actually it’s a confirmation of an issue. When setting up an ad and you are using an affiliate link, do you use the image source for the Ad Image and then the affiliate link code for the Target URL? Just wanted to confirm this.

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  • OK, I am unsure if this is a issue or not. I set an ad to start on 3/8/2011 and it expired on 3/9/2011. Problem is it didn’t seem to expire, it still shows up on the ad square. Does the plugin work by the hour or by the date when you choose to expire it?

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