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  • Howdy-

    I have WP125 set to show a maximum of 4 random ads. I have 6 active, unexpired ads in my list, yet on occasion a default “Your Ad Here” shows up. I don’t want the “Your Ad Here” ad to show up at all if there are 4 or more ads in the list.

    How do I fix this?


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  • Hi chrismartino,

    Please provide the url of your website so that we can check the source code of the web page (s).

    If you are using any cache plugin with or without CDN, please delete the cache and purge CDN (if needed).

    Hi Abhishek,

    The url is:

    I’ve deleted the cache and purged the CDN, and I’m still getting the “Advertise Here” ads despite there being plenty of ads (now 7) in the WP125 settings.



    Very nice blog. Good news for you is that, its actually working. You can see a portion of screenshot I have taken : Here is yours wp 125 part.

    Opera Dragonfly is showing its of Wp 125 ( <div id="wp125-2" class="widget widget_wp125"> )

    I am not sure why it is 4 instead of 7 though.

    I only have it configured to show 4.

    The problem is I’m getting the “Advertise Here” ad displayed on occasion when WP125 has a set of 7 ads to choose from. I don’t want the default ad to show if there’s ads to be shown.

    The problem is I’m getting the “Advertise Here” ad displayed on occasion when WP125 has a set of 7 ads to choose from.

    Please help me a bit to understand the situation :

    1. Now you have configured it to 4 and you can see the 4 Ads like I am.

    2. But, if you configure it to show 7 then that Grey default sample Ad shows up in random manner.

    If the second one is the fact, there might be a bug in the plugin or some other PHP loop is preventing somehow.

    Solutions :

    (1) If you do not need to rotate the Ads, but want to show the Ads constantly with same codes, then creating a simple div and css can practically give you the freedom from WP125 plugin itself.

    WP125 does have some peculiar bugs from my own experience. (In past one one month I have not seen the plugin developer to respond to solve the user’s problems…)

    (2) If you need to rotate the Ads, then create a div with inline css and deliver through Ad injection plugin. It has widgets too.

    (3) The needed HTML and CSS codes are basically easy. But if you are not used with HTML + CSS, simply you can search on Google or ask us.

    I only want it to display 4 ads, out of the pool that I have listed in the settings. Right now it’s 7, though it could be more or less.

    I was under the impression, and perhaps I’m mistaken, that the “Advertise Here” ad wouldn’t be displayed if there were enough listed. To me, that means if I had only 3 ads in the settings, then 4th would be the default ad.

    I don’t really want to have static ads, I’d prefer that they rotate. (as an aside: given that I have “random” selected for the ad order, I’m not sure why I still have to select the order when adding the ad.)

    In any case, I guess I’ll look at the Ad Inject plugin since it seems that there’s a bug in WP125.

    Thanks for the help!

    You are welcome chrismartino.

    Yes, your conclusion is right.
    You can use Ad injection’s widget to selectively show category specific Ads or % if you want. But one set of div must consist of two 125 Ads side by side set within your own custom div with inline css as there is no 125×125 specific settings.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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