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  • WP Web Scrapper is working great for me – I have the basics all working properly. I’m using it to display the first image from whatever URL I enter into a custom field when posting (huge time saver lol!). I’ve put the scraper code into my template pages using the PHP template tags, and everything works fine.

    However, I now want to do something a little more advanced – I want to process the code returned by the scraper template tag to:

    1) save the returned image to the Media Library
    2) set that image as the post’s Featured Image

    I know that this should possible, as the WP-ematico plugin, a RSS auto posting plugin, has the ability to detect the first image in the RSS < item >, save it to the Library, and set it as the Featured Image. I can figure out which part of the WP-ematico code does that, and now I’m trying to see out how I might incorporate this into WP Web Scrapper.

    After reading the manual, it seems to be I should use the callback parameter for this, and write a function in my functions.php to do steps 1 and 2 above. However, I’m confused as to how callback works. How exactly do I include it in my template tag (do I use my function’s name?), and then how exactly do I get the raw scrapped data into my function? What PHP variables or arrays do I use to access it?

    If someone could post a working example of the callback parameter and a function that accesses it, I could probably figure it out – just need a starting point! Help? 🙂

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  • can you please explain how i can scraped images using this plugin to make my featured images.. i have been stuck on this for some time and would really help me since it seems like you have figured this out… any help on this would be great thanks.

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