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  • Great work Akshay, had it up and running in minutes.
    I’m working on a way to import articles from our old webpage into our new one, after switching publishing systems. The easiest way to do it is to scrape the old pages, one article at the time, since we have to work on each article quite alot to get the metadata and categories as we want them. With your plugin I think we can speed up that process quite a bit, as we can use the main section of the articles as is, and just dump the html into wordpress. But I was wondering if there is some way to replace the short code with the generated output from your plugin permanently, so that the journalists can start working on the text etc in they need to (changing dead links, adding new ones, correcting typos, etc). I’ve been looking around for a general way to replace the shortcode in the input text area, but I can’t seem to find a way to do it. Right now I’m thinking of setting up a standalone page that uses phpQuery to dump the result of the scraped page into a textarea, to make it easier to copypaste, but the perfekt way is to get the plugin to dump the generated output straight into wordpress. I hope I explained that well enough. 🙂

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