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  • Are there any errors you observe? Is there data in the table? I utilize WP’s snoopy class to make the call to the external service but have seen a few rare instances where hosts have their PHP locked down and thus the data is never received, but that usually generates a PHP error.

    Yeah I’m suffering the same thing. I’ve got a valid key etc from and the plugin just doesn’t same to pull the date and populate the current weather. Still trying to solve the problem I’ll post here again if I solve it.

    No errors. Just nothingness.

    Can you check the weatherxml table and see if any data is actually in the table? Is the location id valid?

    Same problem here…where do I find the weatherxml table? Why is this plugin such a pain?

    The weatherxml table will be in phpmyadmin.

    This plugin function perfectly on thousands of installations. It uses the wordpress built in remote data retrieval. I can’t do anything about hosts or PHP configurations that prevent the communication to’s servers.

    It works on a site I use it on, but daily I usually have errors in my PHP logs. The primary key in the weatherxml table is the location_id (postal code). I haven’t really looked at or stepped through the code, but there is a problem on updates where it tries inserting another record with the same location_id while a record with that ID already exists (seen as duplicate entry). Needs to be a check somewhere to delete the record first if it exists or just perform update instead of insert.

    It shouldn’t exhibit that behavior as it explicitly deletes each expired row. Strange.

    It was working fine for me until tonight. Now, all the fields are there, just no info to fill them. I can’t seem to fix it. I’m wondering if their feed is just down? I didn’t do anything that could have effected it. And, I’m counting down the minutes until I remove it or find a new one..

    Did this resolve itself or did you run out of minutes?

    Mine has not been working for 2 days now—nothing. I have tried deleting it and re-installing it–nothing.

    Are you still using this plugin? I notice you have a weather heading on your website, but looks like it is using wp-simpleweather which is a different plugin.

    I switched plugins after I couldn’t get it to work. I like the look of this one better, but the old one had more detail. I wonder if somewhere there’s a best of both worlds.

    Thanks for getting back—I have tried several but have discovered the problem appears to be on my end and my web guy is working on it 🙂

    Email me a link to your site or mention what plugin you are using and I’ll see if I can’t whip up something similar.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 15 total)
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