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  • To anyone who’s seeing 0 visitors:

    I could really use an admin account to take a look at the database table for myself (I need to be able to edit the plugin files). My email is

    Hi again, Scribu,

    And in any case thank you for your work !

    So, I have only my own pwd and login to ftp and so on, and don’t know how to create one just for you, but what I can say is that :

    – I had a table named “useronline” before, and no more now (only “users” I think)

    – I have had the same problem once, a long time ago, with Lesterchan, and he answered me by the php code to create the table manualy, and it worked -I don’t find the topic on Lesterchan forum, but it was there, and I think it’s the same kind of problem.

    Perhaps can you tell us what table we are suposed to have, and how to create it if we don’t have ?

    I compared the databse of two sites with different versions of wp-useronline (2.7.0 and 2.7.2)
    The site database with the latest version of the plugin, there is no table wp-useronline

    I found the old topic on the forum :,3011.msg22546.html#msg22546

    Do you think we have to run the same request now ?

    OK : IT WORKS !!!

    It was the same problem that the older one, exposed in this topic : you just have to apply it (go to your database with phpmyadmin, create the table following the Lestechan code) , and then disable and re-activate Useronline, and users are there again !

    5sorry for my bad english, it’s joy !)

    Thank’s maitremo, but..
    I do not think most users can do this!

    this is a mistake of this plugin and are trying to solve
    manually edit the database is not the policy of wordpress

    That’s i think

    Can’t someone create a simple hot-fix? I’m not ready to play around in my database file (i.e just a simpla coder, not über-micro-super-haxxor)

    Please….maybe a 2.73 could fix it problem?


    I tried that .. (like the old topic on the forum :,3011.msg22546.html#msg22546 )
    It does not work
    Now when I activate the plugin I receive a statement of “fatal erorr”

    The plugin works strangely, but users are always “0”

    Off topic ..
    I have many websites!

    In one of these after the first update (2.7.1) the site went down for “fatal error”!
    I removed the plugin from automatic update and installed it manually, and everything went fine .. But only in that site!

    I think that … the right thing to do is install the old version ..

    ( I recommend the 2.62 version )

    @maitremo: please note that the table structure has changed.

    @tecno: please post the exact text of the fatal error.

    The database table is supposed to be created when activating the plugin.

    If you get a fatal error on activation, the table will likely not get created.

    What MySQL version do you guys have?

    @ Scribu – MySQL version: 4.1.22

    the exact text (italian):
    Il plugin non può venir attivato perché genera un errore fatale.
    (Traslate: The plugin could not be activated because it triggered a fatal error.)
    There are no other indications

    – the plugins is active in a WP Plugins list (but doesn’t work correctly – users always zero)

    -Version MySQL: 5.0.82sp1-log

    error on
    UserOnline Options

    Warning: Empty name in /web/htdocs/ on line 38

    (if a try to install the beta version of plugins (PageNavi,UserOnline), this error vanished, but the plugin doesn’t work)

    I think I found the problem (it was an SQL error). Please try out this version:

    (remember to deactivate and then reactivate)

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