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  • For future reference, it would be really useful if you actually posted the error text when reporting a problem. Thanks.

    Probs here too:

    %MOSTONLINE_DATE% always returns current time and date.

    @beardedgit: can’t reproduce.

    Hi scribu

    I’ve reinstated the output in the sidebar of my blog ( )

    The code I’m using is:

    Highest number of Users browsing this site at one time:<br />%MOSTONLINE_COUNT% on %MOSTONLINE_DATE%
    <br /><br />
    %USERS% browsing now:

    Does that help?

    There are some php errors after manually update from 2.6. I can’t remember what they’re about. I deactivated and activated it again and they arent shown anymore. But now the plugin doesnt count any users. No registered users, no visitors, no bots. It shows always 0 Users online.

    PS: Server runs on php5; WP 2.9.2, wp-useronline 2.72

    I actually updated WP Users Online from 2.6x to 2.72. As descriped by “infected”, the new version doesn’t count any users.

    The automatic update did not work,(fatal error ) but the plugin is curiously active, but the settings page is not accessible (“Empty form Error on Page-navi on line 38” This is the message)
    Deleted and reloaded plugin manually: no installation problem, but always 0 users online

    Try installing the development versions of both plugins:

    WP-PageNavi (2.73-alpha).

    WP-UserOnline (2.73-alpha).

    Damn. Tried 2.73-alpha and the most-online count has reset.

    Could live with losing that if the rest worked, but it doesn’t.

    I’m scrubbing the whole shebang, so don’t go looking for it in the sidebar like I suggested above.

    All done
    I installed Wp-PageNavi 2.73 beta and Wp-UserOnline2.73beta
    everything works
    No problem to install, no errors in admin panel
    only users are always “0”

    @beardedgit: sorry to hear that.

    @steff3107 and @tecno: It looks like the database table is not created / updated.

    Your best bet would be to uninstall the plugin (from the WP admin) and then re-install it.

    Do we have to install both the plugins again even if one is giving error? I got the fatal error after upgrading the wp-useronline plugin to version 2.71

    Fatal error: Call to undefined method scbOptions::get_key() in /home/user/public_html/wordpress/wp-content/plugins/wp-useronline/admin.php on line 56

    but my wp-page navi works fine. I tried deleting the useroline plugin and uploaded the alpha version mentioned here but could not activate it.

    I got this message: Plugin could not be activated because it triggered a fatal error.

    What to do? Please help.

    Did inactivate – reactivate : still 0 visitors
    Uninstalled the plugin and installed it again : still 0 visitors
    Completely removed the plugin, downloaded it and installed it : still 0 visitors

    So, what do we do now…can this be fixed or should I just download another “visitors” plugin that works?`



    No problems, I’ll monitor this thread and reinstall when it’s fixed. The annoying thing is that I had the previous version running just fine for months with no hassle, reporting everything accurately and displaying correctly. It only broke when somebody “fixed” it.

    Incidentally, I use the “Changelogger” plugin ( ) which keeps saying of all of your recent revisions “Compatibility with WordPress 2.9.2: 100% (according to its author)”. Clearly this is incorrect, so it might be worth you looking into this, as it’s either an erroneous claim or a fair statement based on erroneous source data. Either way, for the punter it’s a let-down when things go t1t5-up.

    Good luck getting this sorted.

    Alpha still doesn´t work. 0 User count.

    It only broke when somebody “fixed” it.

    *Thumbs Up!*

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