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  • First, thanks for developing a great plugin.

    I think that WP User Frontend might be causing some slow page load times on my website. I’ve confirmed this by activating/deactivating the plugin: when I deactivate WP User Frontend, pages load quickly; when I activate the plugin, though, all pages (not just the frontend posting, dashboard, and profile editing pages) start loading really slowly.

    I’m wondering if the problem has to do with the number of blog posts (7,000+) as well as blog post contributors and editors (15,000+) that I have. I noticed that the slowdown started happening after I imported these users and blog posts.

    Any thoughts on what I might try to address the slowness issue? I tried adjusting the memory_limit, execution_time, and max_input_time values in my .htaccess file, but that didn’t work. Any help would be much appreciated.

    Thank you!

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  • you can try some WordPress plugins that enables caching.
    You can also try CloudFlare system.

    Yes, I would like to second this issue, I have noticed an extra 8s load on my site because of this plugin and caching plugins have little impact, disable the plugin and it comes back to life.

    I think the plugin falls over if there is a lot of users on your blog! If you edit the wpuf-functions file and look for the wpuf_list_users() function, use the wp3.1 fallback and disable the default and then we have liftoff.

    function wpuf_list_users() {
        if ( function_exists( 'get_users' ) ) {
       /*     $users = get_users();
        } else {
            ////wp 3.1 fallback*/
            $users = get_users_of_blog();
        $list = array();
        if ( $users ) {
            foreach ($users as $user) {
                $list[$user->ID] = $user->display_name;
        return $list;

    The new development release caches the results of a function that calls this. Try it to see if it solves your problem and please report back the results

    Hi, I tried this new release with no noticeable improvement, my blog has over 3000 users and calling the get_users() can take the site up to 13-15s to load, with the plugin disabled only 2-3 seconds

    Strange that the development version didn’t reduce this by at least a factor of 50 (As it calls it only once instead of 50 times in Version 1.1). Which development version did you load?

    amax2222 That fixed it for me, thanks so much. Our site has 11,000 users and it was SOOOO slow.

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