• Hi,
    I found this plugin very interesting. Might be the one that I need on my current project. However, there are few things that I am not quite understand and seem lack of documentation of this plugin.

    What I interesting in this plugin is on the pay per post features since my project is more like a classified site, which allow user to pay to add listing. I like to know is there anyway to add more features on pay per post? What I mean is, give several pay per post options. eg.

    • Free posting – published post will only last for 7 days and allow 1 post.
    • 30 days posting – published post will only last for 30 days and allow 30 post.
    • 90 days posting – published post will only last for 90 days and allow 30 post.
    • etc…

    Please advise.


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  • Plugin Author Tareq Hasan


    I think you can use the built in subscription system for these. You just have to control the expiration date following your requirement. This link might be useful for you.


    I am confused. Isn’t that the subscription is only for visitor to read? Actually I tried the subscription on my site, but I don’t see how it connected with the pay per post system. Even if I created a Free posting subscription, the system still need go through the pay pal gateway to process, which is not possible because paypal is not allow 0 payment.

    Hope you can provide more info to me, thank you.

    Plugin Author Tareq Hasan


    Yeah, unfotunately there is not option for free pack right now. I think there are various fields that it can be improved. The problem is I don’t have enough time to look for it. You might give it a try if you want.

    Hi there!

    Is there any update for this plug-in so far? I and Mr. WP_Dummy have the same concern… is it available already? or do you have any suggestion on what plugin to be use in this case(allow premium posting for a specific category.)

    Thanks in advance.

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