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  • This plugin has really great potential, and it solves a big problem for a project I’m doing. Thanks for your great work.

    I did a little tinkering to see if I could get this working with the new wp_editor() in WP 3.3.1. Thought I’d share.

    In wpuf_add_post.php I replaced this (about line 41)

    <textarea name="wpuf_post_content" id="new-post-desc" cols="40" rows="8"></textarea>

    with this

    <?php wp_editor( '', 'wpuf_post_content', $settings = array('textarea_name','wpuf_post_content') ); ?>

    And in wpuf_edit_post.php I replaced this (about line 74)

    <textarea name="wpuf_post_content" id="new-post-desc" cols="40" rows="8"><?php echo esc_html($post->post_content); ?></textarea>

    with this

    <?php wp_editor( $post->post_content, 'wpuf_post_content', $settings = array('textarea_name','wpuf_post_content') ); ?>

    Seems to work beautifully, though I’ve only done a tiny bit of testing. I’m a PHP newbie, so let me know if I’ve done something awful here.

    Note that the codex says that the ID in wp_editor() may only be lowercase letters with no underscores, hyphens, and so forth. I did not follow that here for my quick tinkering, but the appropriate adjustments proabably should be made.

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  • contact with the plugin developer… he can help you… his name is: Tareq Hasan from Bangladesh

    Sir, I have a solution for you.. if you like it…

    First install the MCEcomments plugin and active to your wordpress and put the following id=”comment” instead of id=”new-post-desc” in textarea.

    <textarea name="wpuf_post_content" id="comment" cols="60" rows="8"></textarea>

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