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  • bostondave08


    I am excited about the plugin and it looks and works great. However, it inserts 100s of duplicate entries. I could not find this issue in the support forums. Can you provide any ideas?

    I am using basically the default plugin with these 3 edits from the admin panel..a form that includes:

    – the rich text editor
    – the ajaxified drop down on the category select
    – 3 custom fields

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  • bostondave08


    Update – a conflict with WP plugin “relevanssi”

    On my dev server, I disabled all plugins except this one and then turned them back on one-by-one until I could repeat the “bug”. It was actually a conflict with the search plugin Relevanssi. This is actually a shame because it appears to be a fantastic plugin to replace the default WP search. Perhaps there is a way to configure that plugin to get them to co-exist but yours will take priority for now.

    The link to the other plugin for other users is:

    Maximus Saint


    I have the very same problem, and I’m running a huge web-site where i need both Relevanssi and User Frontend.

    Tareq, please do something about it. both plugins are must have

    Maximus Saint


    to give you more information, here’s what my WAMP said:

    Fatal error: Maximum function nesting level of ‘100’ reached, aborting! in \public_html\wp-includes\cache.php on line 402

    while my VDS on nginx just throws 504 Gateway Time-out.



    Yep, Relevanssi conflict here. Hundreds of identical posts saved until 500 server error. Would love to get these two working together if possible.

    Same here – got a massive shock when I went to post and saw over 3000 duplicates!

    Any news from the developers or anyone know of a fix?

    This is sad…I wanted to give this plugin a go but I am in the same situation with Relevanssi, I have to have it. With what I have read here I won’t even install it until something is resolved.

    Hi all,

    I already use Relevanssi with my development version without problems although another user has had other problems.

    It would be great if any of you could test the development version to see if it fixes this problem.


    I fixed it: Relevanssi settings > Indexing settings and expand expand the shortcodes

    Hi Codynew. Great that you found a fix! Can you give a more detailed explanation as lots of people are having this problem.

    Did you mean check the “Expand shortcodes in post content” option in the “indexing options”?

    That was already checked by default in my installation which might explain why I don’t have any problems.



    1. Go to Settings > Relevanssi.
    2. Halfway down the page you should find Expand shortcodes in post content
    3. Untick this
    4. Try posting a page from front end – it should no longer add hundreds of posts

    Works for me at least

    Thanks codynew.

    Noticed you unticked the ‘Expand shortcodes in post content’ option to fix the problem where in my install it is ticked and I don’t have this problem (Relevanssi 3.1.3). Note I am running the development version of Frontend (Version 1.1.0-fork-2RRR-4.2) so it might fix the problem.

    Can anyone confirm both the following.

    1) Are duplicates a problem on all Frontend 1.1 installs with Relavssi 3.1.3?

    2) Does the development version of Frontend (Version 1.1.0-fork-2RRR-4.0 and later) fix this?

    Thanks codynew! A lot, really. This problem frightened me when I found that clicking on submit made the website running amok.

    Despite I don’t found thousands of duplicated posts in the admin console (and hopefully I should say), I got a 504 Gateway Time-out error after one or two loong minutes, like Maximus Saint has.

    @professor99: so to answer your first question duplicates where not a problem for me with Frontend 1.1 installs with Relavssi 3.1.3. Maybe because I use custom posts? (I searched for duplicated posts on posts AND custom posts section and found nothing).

    Just found a very similar problem with delete on the dashboard which hung if Relevenssi is activated.

    Looked into this further and found that 100’s of copies of the deleted post were being created.

    On tracing the code found that the Relevanssi function relevanssi_edit was being called continously via an action hook ‘save_post’ which is called from the wordpress wp_insert_post function (Used to move deleted articles to trash). This calls relevanssi_publish() which then calls relevanssi_index_doc().

    The problem here is that the default action of relevanssi_index_doc is that it uses the global $post variable by default rather than the $indexpost passed to it if $post is defined. $post is the ID of the post in the loop. In this case this is the page with the dashboard shortcode. Further on in this function any shortcodes in the content of the post identified by the global $post (dashboard in this case) are expanded together with the original query (delete in this case) which then adds the article to trash again and then calls relevanssi and the process repeats ad-infinitum to the server breaks.

    Turning the expansion of shortcodes off as Codynew does fixes this. Note I didn’t notice this with ‘edit’ as I had excluded these from the search via Relevanssi’s exclude option but this seems to not apply to deletes.

    Obviously a Relevanssi code fix is preferable so other contents generated by shortcodes would be searchable. On further investigating the Relevanssi code I found a reference to a function relevanssi_insert_edit() called from the wp_insert_post action which strangely is always executed after the ‘save_post’ action in both the two wordpress functions it is called: wp_insert_post() and wp_publish_post(). relevanssi_insert_edit() than calls relevanssi_publish() which as mentioned above calls relevanssi_index_doc(). However a parameter of both these functions $bypassglobalpost is set to ‘true’ which disables the use of the global $post.

    The description of the relevanssi_insert_edit() function is particularly interesting

    // added by lumpysimon
    // when we’re using wp_insert_post to update a post,
    // we don’t want to use the global $post object

    Hmmmm. Why call these functions together when they mostly do the same thing? I hasten a guess that relevanssi_insert_edit() is the fix for our problem but they forgot to disable the old ‘save_post’ hook.

    So what happens if I comment out the corresponding line in the relenvanssi file init.php as follows:

    //add_action(‘save_post’, ‘relevanssi_edit’, 99, 1);

    Presto!!! All fixed.

    Professor99, you are my hero. Thank you very much for sharing your solution. It worked perfectly for me.

    There haven’t been any noticeable side effects for you since commenting out that line?

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