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    When I set up the subdomain on my cpanel, for example, the cpanel automatically creates the directory “wordpress” and directs the subdomain to that directory. WP-universe seems to have no effect. Could someone outline what one must do on the server side to get his plugin to work?

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  • Yes, my question pertains to this step:

    Add a subdomain using your hosting control panel/dns controller to your default IP.

    When I do this, it creates (example) and the directory “wordpress.” The fact that I put in the category description on my blog, with WP-Universe installed, seems to have no effect. The subdomain does not point to the category content.

    Also, what does this mean:

    Enable/Redirect subdomain/domain to your WordPress installation.

    I gather in the expanded directions, that simply means putting the URL in the category description. Is that so? Or, is there a setting somewhere on my WordPress installation?

    One more question then: in cPanel when creating a new subdomain there is an option whether to “redirect” it somewhere or not.

    There is, but only to a URL. If I set redirection to, it simply goes there. WP-Universe doesn’t take it anywhere. If I need to set the subdomain to the same directory as my site, then I don’t know how to do that.

    I’ve checked my installation, WP-Universe is installed.
    I’ve added the URL to the category description.
    I’ve created a subdomain.

    That should be it.

    What you described above seems to cover exactly the process described in the Installation instructions for the plugin (when you redirect the subdomain to the WP installation).

    So, I don’t know, maybe to contact the plugin author?

    Probably. I’m guessing the issue is on the server side. If anyone uses cPanel to set up domains, and has gotten this plugin to work, let me know. I’ll contact the author. Thanks for your help.

    Hi there,
    Your subdomain must exactly point your old blog’s files.

    I mean if your old blog is hosted on /var/public/blog
    your subdomain must point the same files.

    Can you please post a screenshot of cpanel’s subdomain managment section so i can direct you.

    Huseyin, WP-Universe’s author

    All right, now the subdomain points to the same directory, but — ugggg — it still doesn’t work. My main domain is The subdomain is, which points to the main directory (agabus); the cateory is “Kingdom Exlcusion”. I’ve typed in the description section of the category; the plugin is installed. Any ideas?

    Scratch that. It works — probably just needed time to resolve. I figured the subdomain had to point to the same directory as the main domain, but I wasn’t sure.

    Good plugin. Thanks.

    I can’t get it to work on my site

    For example, I’m trying to redirect the subdomain http:/ to show all the post from category web 2.0, I0ve already modified the category descrription and creatd the subdomain, but the redirection doesn’t seem to been working.

    Can you give a hand?

    In my situation it was a matter of pointing the subdomain to the directory of the main domain. Thus, and should share the same directory.

    The plugin doesn’t work for me. :-((
    When i try open, it redirects to main WordPress address, and shows all posts, not only from Universe-category that i create.

    I have test it on the localhost, so the problem is NOT in the DNS configuration, my web-server sets right: both domains resolves to one dir where WP installed.

    Also,with the help of Domain Mirror plugin (active at the same time), i can access to my, but it provide only different title of the blog at the subdomain. and i still see ALL posts.

    What am I doing wrong?

    p.s. sorry for my bad English 🙂

    Hi all, I have same problem with this. Im using cpanel and this plugin doesn’t work. When i pointed my browser to, it always redirected to But thanks to Shumaher You inspired me. Yes here is what i have done.
    First, upload Domain Mirror plugin and activate it.(download it here) then go to Domain Mirror’s options page to configure it in settings page. add your new subdomain there and save changes. Next, go to your CPANEL subdomains page and add subdomain there, make sure your Document Root pointed to your WP installation directory, in my case it is /public_html. Last step is edit your Category Description to your subdomain and make sure this category has atleast 1 article. That’s it.

    sorry for my bad English 😀



    This seems like a great plugin, but I don’t see how it is supposed to work. Looking specifically at:


    …but $wp_object_cache does not seem to change/override the information from get_bloginfo. Instead that could be:


    however, all the links go to the site defined in get_bloginfo… SO how do you edit that info?


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