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  • Plugin is a great find. I see you are early in dev releases, but for now I have some Q’s.

    Should ‘Search inside of shortcode’ mean that the results of the shortcode as output on the page (or post or widget) would be indexed?

    I’ve seen this work on some other search plugins, but for some reason its not doing so here. Specific example is the output of a RSS plugin, the posts created do not seem to be indexed, as the search results return “Sorry, no results found.” Thoughts? (This same RSS output DOES currently get indexed by a different search plugin).

    Also, are you looking at creating some specific filtering options? It would be awesome to be able to limit results (only certain categories, etc…) based on a configuration of the plugin. Real important here though would be the ability to have that filter NOT be global. Maybe done within the shortcode or in each instance widget.

    Thanks! It looks like you are doing some cool things here.

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  • Thanks!

    Yes, search inside of shortcode means that Ultimate Search executes shortcodes in posts/pages before indexing.

    Send me a link to what you’re describing.. I’d have to take a look at it. Basically, Ultimate Search runs a do_shortcode() on any shortcodes found in posts or pages (if the option is enabled). Any text that is output into the post/page will be searchable.. but if the RSS items are output elsewhere, or inside of an iFrame or something, they may not get picked up.

    There will be specific filtering options with the next release. You can see a screenshot of the development version here:

    The configuration is global right now, but we could provide an override in the shortcode. I’ll make a note to add that feature.


    Appreciate the timely support reply.

    Application is in a locked down sandbox environment, so can’t send link. I double checked and the Search Shortcode Content option is enabled. Also I placed the shortcode to output on a page and widget to check both.

    Is there a certain amount of time that needs to pass for indexing to occur? Is there an ability to reindex the content? Does that matter?

    I’ll keep tweaking it to figure out what it might be, as I really like the plugin and direction you seem to be headed in.

    Re: the dev version. That’s a cool layout. I would just add that having an ‘include’ by taxonomy as opposed to only ‘exclude’ would be great, and the ability to do so on a non-global basis is really important (so your shortcode override is helpful). FWIW, rationale is that if we want to use multiple search boxes that pull from only certain taxonomy each.

    Lastly, is there a way to have the search results render in a different page vs. in the sidebar below the widget?

    Thanks, you’ve got a great feature set here, especially for so early in the dev process.

    Hmm.. I’m not sure then. What’s the plugin/shortcode you’re using?

    I know for our development site, I used the following shortcode:
    [echo-text text="This shortcode embedded text is now searchable"]
    And if you search for “shortcode” from you’ll see the results render properly.

    Right now it’s not indexing anything.. we haven’t enabled that feature until it’s been more solidly tested. Each time you execute a search, it queries the database directly for the data… so any changes you make on your site are searchable instantly.

    That’s on the table as well. Though I wouldn’t use multiple search boxes.. just have one box and prompt your user to set a “taxonomy:” first.

    Search results will load on a different page in the 1.0 release.

    Maybe I’m looking at this wrong?

    I use a plugin “RSS just better” that outputs content onto a page. I use the shortcode [ RSSjb feed=” ” ] and some other shortcode parameters to have feed posts render on that page. Should the Search plugin be able to search and return based on words from within that page’s output (e.g. the posts)? I thought it would, as a different search plugin used concurrently does return results from those RSS posts. But I am just trying to make sure.

    Re: multiple boxes… agreed, use of taxonomy would be best, but most of our users wouldn’t know a taxonomy if it hit them upside the head. 🙂

    Excited to see your 1.0 updates. Do you have an ETA on when it will drop?

    Thanks again!

    I’ll install that plugin and play with it. Should be able to get it working for you.

    Just trying to get our sales site up and running… I’m hoping within the next week.

    Ah, ok, I see… looks like the only way to get that content to appear would be to index it first. I’ll try to get that into the 1.0 release… but indexing may have to follow a little later. Thanks for pointing that out.

    Thought I’d give you a heads up… the new version has just been released. You should see the update appear in your dashboard soon. If you have any questions or problems, you can contact us here, or through our support site at

    Thanks for your interest and support!

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