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    It could be something related to cache, or folder permissions. Please check if the folder uploads/wp-ui/cache has appropriate permissions set ( 0755).

    Another possibility is there might be a silent PHP error ( or notices/warnings), disrupting the thumbnail. Disabling wp_debug should do the trick in that case.

    Hi Darius, did you find a solution to this? I have the exact same thing happening after updating the plugin to 0.8.1 today. I’d rather not restore the default settings especially if it’ll create another problem like missing thumbnails. My thought on the missing thumbnails would be that the posts template doesn’t have the code to display thumbnails.

    <div class="wpui-post-thumbnail">{$thumbnail}</div>

    Plugin Author kavingray


    Hi there, please make sure the default thumbnail and it’s dimensions are set in Options page -> Posts -> Default thumbnail image -> img/width/height.

    Other than that, Click open the sidebar “Actions” and click Empty cache. Finally try toggling sure you have Options -> General -> Cache images selected.

    Hi kavingray, my issue isn’t with images not showing up. I was asking if there was ever a solution found to clear up posts showing up in multiple category tabs. I have 2 tabs showing 2 different categories and the latest posts are showing in both tabs regardless of category. This happened right as I updated the plugin. I reset defaults as suggested by Darius and it didn’t work. And yes, I have triple checked that each post does only belong to 1 specific category “News” or “Events”. I appreciate any help you can give.

    [wptabs style="home-tabs"][wptabtitle cat="News" number="5"]News[/wptabtitle] [wptabtitle cat="Events" number="5"]Events[/wptabtitle] [wptabtitle]Calendars[/wptabtitle] [wptabcontent][stout_gc id=3][sc name="calendartab"][/wptabcontent] [/wptabs]
    Plugin Author kavingray


    Sorry about that. That’s a strange issue. Can you provide me with the shortcode structure used, please?

    I posted the on page shortcode above. This is the shortcode that inputs content to the Calendar tab. I should also mention there is a Google calendar in this tab as well input by Stout Google Calendar plugin.

    <div class="calendar-tab">
      <div class="calendar-nav">
      <b>Calendar</b><br />
    This calendar highlights...</p>
         <li><a href="#">Text 1</a></li>
         <li><a href="#">Text 2</a></li>
         <li><a href="#">Text 3</a></li>
    Plugin Author kavingray


    Oh Code looks perfect, thank you. I think this is a bug with category name handling. Could you please try this again with the Cat IDs instead of names and let me know?

    Bingo! That worked perfectly. I changed to category IDs. Thanks for your help!

    Hmm, strange. It lloks like the cache folder is not where you say (uploads/wp-ui/cache). This is what is shown at the top of the options page wen I do clear cache command:

    Warning: mkdir() [function.mkdir]: Unable to access Xxxxx/trafik/wp-content/uploadswp-ui/cache in Xxxxx/trafik/wp-content/plugins/wp-ui/inc/wpui-helpers.php on line 154
    Cache files were cleaned successfully.

    I have created this folder manually (with permissions), then “clear cache” says:

    Warning: mkdir() [function.mkdir]: File exists in Xxxxx/trafik/wp-content/plugins/wp-ui/inc/wpui-helpers.php on line 154
    Cache files were cleaned successfully.

    It looks strange that the function fails, but a success message is shown.

    Where I can find the cache related documentation?

    It is very strange that “Reset Defaults” brings the thumbnails back, and “Save Options” destroys everything.

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