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    99% of the reasons a plugin is not working is because the custom CSS that you entered i s not valid.

    To double check your CSS, go to the debug tab and look at the EXACT HTML that the plugin is generating. If you need to, copy that into a HTML validator to find the error.

    Then, simply, change your custom CSS to fix the error.

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    Also, if your TopBar isn’t showing, please don’t just start a support request without also supplying the details of how your plugin is configured. So, tell me the options you are selecting and copy the generated HTML/CSS from the Debug Page.

    Also, look at the Live Preview page. You should see a “Time Check” and “Cookie Check” message. That will tell you if you have a time range or a cookie that will cause the TopBar not show up.

    Finally, you have may have a PageID or Category ID (new in 3.10) that may prevent the TopBar from showing.

    The whole Plugin doesn’t work? When I activated it, wp told me that it didn’t have a valid header. (and yes I’m pretty sure it doesn’t mean mine 🙂 )
    Plus, there are no topbars displayed in the settings menu. Nothing to set up.

    i had the same problem as Iono, when I try to install it via the automatic installer i get the error message that says it didn’t have a valid header.

    so I’ve downloaded the plugin, uploaded it in the plugin directory, but then i received a php error…

    to fix it you should edit line 516 in \wp-content\plugins\wp-topbar\lib\wp-topbar-admin.php
    changin it from

    Hope it helps! 😉

    and do the same on line 143 of \wp-content\plugins\wp-topbar\lib\wp-topbar-control-tab.php

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    Thanks, Stefano!

    Not sure how that bug didn’t hit my various test beds. I just pushed out a fix in 4.02.

    Great! 😉 Thank you!

    I am still getting the error on 4.02, and I cant find the fixes above!

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    Bonkerz, pls turn on debuging in wp-config.php and send me a link to the logs.

    I’m having the same issue. “The plugin does not have a valid header.”

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    Xpaw01, pls turn on debuging in wp-config.php and send me a link to the logs.

    I’m getting the same error as xpaw01. How do I turn on debug in wp-config.php?

    Plugin Author Bob


    Plugin Author Bob


    Fixed the invalid header issue in v 4.12

    Do you do any customization to your top bar plugin?
    I would like to be able to add widgets such as Sharing (addthis) additional social media and a short menu.
    The footer on this site is pretty much the idea…
    This would provide a lot of flexibility to the plugin. Let me know.

    I also have a test site in case the other one is not live, since we are working on it.

    I have implemented as much as was available to me with your current top bar.

    Let me know. Thanks for your time…I love the concept!

    Sorry the links for the first one is incorrect.

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