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  • Hello,

    Just wanted to start out by saying I appreciate you taking the time to make this wonderful plugin for us. The issue I am having is when I schedule a post the plugin does not update twitter. When I make a live post it works fine. I wanted to know if there is something I can do to fix this, or is this something that will be addressed in a future update?

    Thanks for your time,

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  • What version of the plugin are you using? Scheduled posts do update Twitter, at least on my test setup. This has been true for a number of versions, however, and hasn’t been changed for quite some time.

    I’m not sure I have anything concrete to say, here – but make sure everything is updated to the most current versions, and let me know if it’s still a problem.


    I am using v1.3.7 and the latest version of WordPress v2.8, and scheduled posts still don’t work for me.


    Hmmm. That’s strange. Can you tell me your settings? I’ll attempt to reproduce what you’re doing and see if there’s a conflict somewhere.



    Sorry for the delay. I didn’t know what to put in and what to take out, so I just took a screen capture of the settings, and left out the twitter settings etc…

    Here is the link…

    Thanks again for your time. I really appreciate it. If you need anything else, please let me know.



    The old scheduled messages are not published if to change time of their publication then they are successfully processed by this plug-in.

    Joe Dolson


    Thanks for mentioning that, Shoorsun! I hadn’t thought to ask: boodaddy, are these scheduled posts items which you scheduled *before* installing and activating the plugin? If so, they won’t have been processed by the plugin when they were last saved, so the plugin won’t know to deal with them. If you make changes to the posts (any changes at all,) just re-save the posts and they’ll be added to the queue.

    Erion Shehaj


    I’m having the same issue boodaddy is having. I’ve got the latest version of the plugin and I think all settings are right.

    Please help if you can

    Same problem here, running latest version of wordpress and plugin. Any ideas please? Will happily share any configuration details you need.


    Just done a bit of testing, looking at the jd_twit_future function for points my test post could fail…

    $post_status doesn’t seem to matter
    $jd_tweet_this is set to yes for every post in my db
    limit_categories, none are checked and non scheduled posts work fine

    wp_twitter_failure is still 0 in my database, so presumably getting a 200 response or more likely not getting that far. I’m thinking whatever triggers the function is failing since we upgraded to the latest wordpress (actually I think this started failing a few versions ago but we didn’t spot it).

    Thanks for your time 🙂

    I’ve got the same problem, it started a couple of months ago and is driving me crazy! I have to manually put them on twitter, a hassle i know so any help on this will be apreciated!!!


Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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