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  • Hey Paul,

    Great work, looking forward to giving this a try on my 3.0.1 multisite. Database backups are great but people will want their content protected as well.

    Which brings me to the feature suggestion – something I have been keeping in the back of my mind for a while.

    It would be great if individual blogs had the option to download a .zip of their /files/ folder.

    Ideally the Super Admin should have an option to allow this ability or not. Even better would be if we could also allow/disallow this to each blog. The ultimate would be an actin hook where we could tie in payment plugins, allowing this as a ‘Pro’ ability.

    But one thing at a time. 🙂

    And if I find anyway to build off of this with a quick admin page for blogs, allowing them to do this I will pass it on.



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  • Plugin Author paulgpetty


    Marty —

    I haven’t given too much thought to WP MU … but would be interested to hear your feedback once you can compare wp Time Machine between WP MU & WP …

    Either way looking in to this is now on the list.


    Hey Paul,

    One scary thing I am seeing right away is that I can login as the admin of a single blog (not the Super Admin) and have access to the entire settings and backup area.

    First thing would be to lock this off to only the Super Admin with

    if (is_super_admin()) { do stuff };

    you might also consider adding the entire menu to the super admin menu, rather than under settings like you would for a normal blog.

    So you would have something like this…

    if ( is_site_admin() ) {
    add_submenu_page(‘ms-admin.php’, ‘wp Time Machine’, ‘wp Time Machine’, 10, ‘basename(__FILE__)’, ‘wpTimeMachine_init’); }

    if ( $wpdb->blogid != 1 ) {
    add_options_page(‘wp Time Machine’, ‘wp Time Machine’, 9, basename(__FILE__), ‘wpTimeMachine_init_for_non_super_admins’);

    I may not have the exact elements of each function correct – just a quick copy and paste job – but you get the idea.

    Then again, Super Admins may not want to let individuals control anything about these downloads – or at least limit them. I could see this causing a big pull on sites if every user could go back up crazy.

    I see it more as an export option to allow users to easily export their content folder as they leave a site.

    Or for Super Admins where they are just overseeing a few of their own sites, they might want to export one blog at a time to move it out to an individual installation.

    These are all some ideas for other uses – but I think hiding that menu for now is pretty crucial.

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