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  • I’m wondering if it’s possible to implement a row-sorting function while editing a table? I use the plugin for displaying numbered lists and when I add a column somewhere in the table, I manually have to fix all the numbers to get them sorted correctly. Right now, I find it easier to have a copy of the table in excel, edit and sort it there, export it to csv and import it again. Having a sorting function for rows would be great.

    Apart from that, it’s a great plugin! Thanks for all your work.

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  • Hi Andreas,

    I don’t yet really understand what you mean.
    Can you explain with a short example maybe?
    Is the sorting functionality on the “Edit” screen not enough for your needs?

    Best wishes,

    Hi Tobias.

    I’ll try to explain it a little better.
    My first row contains numbers to count the columns. When I insert a new row somewhere in the table, the numbers will not be correct. I have to manually edit the rows down the table to get the numbering correct.
    I would like a function to just sort a row I select, and only the row. If I have maybe 100 columns, and insert a column early in the table, I have to edit all the numbers to get the numbering order correctly.

    Hi Andreas,

    I’m still not really sure that I understood everything correctly, but I get an idea.
    I’m afraid what you are looking for is not available in the plugin, sorry 🙁
    For that specific need, copying to Excel and making that change there is probably the better way.

    Best wishes,

    Tobias: I think I explained wrong, sorry. I mixed up rows and columns. I did some editing in the tables today, and realized I was wrong. What I was after was a column sorting feature. My first column (think I have it right now.. the one with letters on the top?) has numbers in it. A way to just sort one column would be nice. If not, I’ll continue to do it the hard way. At least I have a way to do it 🙂


    oh, ok, no problem 🙂

    No, just sorting a single column is not possible. The Sort feature on the “Edit” screen will sort the entire table only.
    I guess you will need to stick with your Excel solution…

    Best wishes,

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