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  • Hi Tobias,

    I have a weird problem with showing filtered results from hidden columns.

    Column #1 (hidden) has names of countries in it –> filtering works
    Column #2 (also hidden) has country codes (i.e ENG, ESP) in it — > filtering doesn’t work

    I know from your response yesterday that there has to be an exact cell match, which is the case both in #1 and #2. When I unhide column #2, filtering works as expected.

    Backend screenshot showing clumns: <;

    Btw, thanks for your awesome support, I donated yesterday to show my appreciation. 🙂

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  • You can see the table in question here:

    try filtering for “ESP” (“ENG” works because of hidden colomn #1 has a cell named “England”)

    Plugin Author TobiasBg



    you are mixing up two different filtering methods here.

    The method that we were talking about yesterday (with the Extension and the new Shortcode parameter) only does exact cell matching (on all cells that the table has, including those that are hidden).

    The filtering which you perform with that “Filter by country” field is however done by the DataTables JavaScript library. This method works totally independent from that first method with the Extension and has nothing to do with it. It actually filters more losely, so no exact matching is required, parts are recognized as well.
    However, this method will never find content of cells that were hidden on the “Edit” screen of the table, because those cells are not included in the HTML source code of the table.

    As a result, that idea with the hidden columns only works with the Filtering Extension, but not with the filtering from DataTables.
    Now, there is a method for hiding columns through the DataTables library as well (see, which you could use instead. Be aware however, that this columns will be visible, if a user has JavaScript deactivated. So, another idea might be to add a hidden <span> or similar to each row, with all the possible keywords for that row in it, like

    <span style="display:none;">GER Germany Deutschland</span>


    <span style="display:none;">GBR ENG England Britain</span>


    Your support is Weltklasse!

    Sorry for mixing up the filter mechanism, I get it now… 🙂

    I guess I will simply remove the column #2 and add the country codes as an image alt text, this works exactly as intended.

    Plugin Author TobiasBg



    no problem 🙂 You are very welcome!

    Yes, using the image alt text also is a nice idea. That way you should no longer need any hidden columns.

    Best wishes,

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