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    Hi there,

    I have a site that Ive been doing production on locally with Wampsever. I created 105 tables – most of which have no data. I would like to get these tables uploaded to the live site – and so far it seems like the only option I have is to completely redo them all on the live server… and there also doesnt seem to be an option to export multiple tables – just exporting one by one… I wrongly assumed that all I would need to do is export MySQL data – but I cant even see where the local table data is on the wampserver…

    Can you give me any insight into what I should be doing? Im fairly new to web dev and self-hosting WP so any help would be greatly appreciated…

    Thank you,


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  • Hi Lisa,

    thanks for your question!

    Your are right: The only chance you have to move those 105 tables (if you don’t want to manually recreate them) to a different server, is to copy them with a mySQL export.

    You should go to your local mySQL admin tool, then look at the table wp_options and search for all rows that have option name beginning with “wp_table_reloaded”.
    In total, it should be 107 in your case (one for each table, one for the global options and one with information on the tables).
    Then you need to export those 107 rows as a mySQL dump.

    On your new server, you’l have to import that mySQL dump. Then all tables should be there.

    Hope this helps!

    Thanks Tobias – it worked like a charm 8))!!!

    hi Tobias, I have tried the method, but for some reason it doesnt work, I installed xampp locally and is testing to see whether it’s possible to export the database to another dummy blog I made in my localhost. here’s my case:

    in the first blog (database name: dummy1) I made 35 table with wp table reloaded. I go to phpmyadmin, perform search of “wp_table_reloaded”, after clicking the search result, I exported it to sql dump (zipped)

    now I want to test whether the table shown up in my 2nd dummy blog. I made another blog with database “dummy2”.

    I opened the sql file, change all reference of “dummy1” into “dummy2”. I went to “dummy2” database clicking import, and inserting the file I dumped from previous dummy blog. I went to wp-admin (wp-table-reloaded has been activated), and nothing displayed even though it’s imported already in the wp_options of the “dummy2” database (I made search query, it shows the record, but wordpress doesn’t display it).

    did I miss something there?


    actually I don’t know. 🙁

    Exporting is some what of a risk, because of the ID field of an option in the “wp_options” table.
    Usually it’s enough to export/import those mentioned options (especially the “wp_table_reloaded_tables” and the “wp_table_reloaded_options”. Without those, no tables will show up in the list.

    It is also important to not manipulate the data in the SQL file directly (because of the format in which the data is stored (serialized arrays)).

    Maybe you damaged them, when opening the files to change the references from “dummy1” to “dummy2”? Usually this is not necessary, because the SQL file does not contain information about the name of the database (only of the tables).

    If all this does not help, you’ll need to export and re-import the tables with the other methods. Sorry 🙁

    Best wishes,

    Hi. I want to test exporting wp_table_reloaded tables.

    Can Tobias or NativeMoon post an example sql statement to accomplish this?


    there is (and can not be) something like example code for this, because the SQL statements do already include your data. They are not commands to fetch the data and export it.
    This is done by a database administration tool like phpMyAdmin or something like this (you should ask your webhost, which one is available). In that tool, you’ll have the possibility to select all entries of a table that you wish to export. You need to select those mentioned above. Then you’ll get a file with SQL commands (that include your data). These commands have to be executed on the server where you want to move the tables to (again by using an admin tool.)

    Hope this helps!

    Hi Tobias,

    I have to deal with a preproduction virtual server. For that I dump my wordpress database in a SQL file, change the path and the URLs with a sed and reimport all that on a preproduction database.

    My problem is that the entry wp_table_reloaded_tables is cleared the first time I read the wp-table reloaded admin page. Here are the dumps :

    on the production :
    (320, 0, 'wp_table_reloaded_tables', 'a:3:{i:1;s:24:"wp_table_reloaded_data_1";i:2;s:24:"wp_table_reloaded_data_2";i:3;s:24:"wp_table_reloaded_data_3";}', 'yes');

    on the preproduction, just after the copy :
    (320, 0, 'wp_table_reloaded_tables', 'a:3:{i:1;s:24:"wp_table_reloaded_data_1";i:2;s:24:"wp_table_reloaded_data_2";i:3;s:24:"wp_table_reloaded_data_3";}', 'yes');

    On the preproduction, just after I read the plugin’s admin page :
    (320, 0, 'wp_table_reloaded_tables', 'a:0:{}', 'yes'),


    This solution is working for all the other plugins…

    Thanks for the help and for the plugin


    Hi Chris,

    thanks for the description and the example db dumps.

    I don’t really know why moving those db rows to a new server is not working.

    Have you also moved all rows with a name like “wp_table_reloaded_data_X”?
    Have you performed any search and replace on the db dumps? (This most certainly will break the entries, because the string representation of the array (so called serialize) can not handle that.)

    If you don’t have to many tables to move, I would advise you to export them (as XML e.g.) on the one server and import those files on the new server (each within the plugin).


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