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  • Hi and thanks for this great plugin!

    If it is easy possible to implement css classes telling me something about the table would be great.

    What I mean is that if the table would have the classes wp-table-reloaded columns-4 rows-5, I would know that I need 25% column-width, would it be columns-5 that would be 20% column-width and so on.

    Also, if the last column (and the last line) would have a class last this would easily allow me things to do like .last {padding-right: 0;}.

    Thanks a lot,

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  • Go to your Admin Panel, Plug-ins, Editor and then select WP-Table Reloaded from the dropdown list and there you will find all the CSS files and you can edit them to your liking.


    thanks for your question and the suggestion.

    First thing: You should generally not edit the plugin’s CSS files directly, as gixxer188 is suggesting, as all of those modifications would be lost after an update. Instead, all changes should go into the “Custom CSS” textarea on the “Plugin Options” screen.

    Regarding your suggestion: I can understand that such a feature does have use cases, however, I feel that this does not affect a lot of people and would therefore not really be worth the extra trouble for them.
    So, instead, you might want to take a look at custom JavaScript or CSS3 solutions. For example, you could find out the number of rows or columns with only a few lines of jQuery code.
    In the same manner, you could take a look at the CSS selectors like tr:last or td:last, which are available in CSS3 or (for backwards-compatibility) in jQuery.
    Additionally, this might be achievable with a “WP-Table Reloaded Extension”, where you could hook into a few plugin filters and add those classes yourself, after doing the checks/calculations in PHP.


    Hi Tobias,

    First, I deactivated all css-styling inside the plugin, even through the custom css-area. I just put it into my general css-file and it works perfectly fine.

    Second, too bad that there will be no calculations for tds and trs. CSS3 is nice, but I cannot count on it on older browsers. And, again too bad, my jQuery is not good enough to even know where to start.

    Okay, so I’ll have to find a workaround that works for me… Still, I tried 😉


    Hi Michael,

    putting the CSS code into your general CSS file will of course work totally fine. (You will not get the immediate effects of CSS upgrades (there likely won’t be too many, except for styling fixes) though.)

    And yes, CSS3 does have that browser issue still 🙁

    Best wishes,

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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