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    Hi Tobias, please maybe you can help me and tell me something about the following. I would like to know if I can use your plugin for the following things:

    1. I have an excel file for specific items and each one with a lot of details and specifications. I have a picture for each item. So my first thought was: I will grab the image, go to paint or photoshop, add a text field next to the image and there I add the details that are in the excel sheet. This process would give me a new image, but with text. I think this could be an OK solution, using NextGen plugin it will display the images when you click it and appear in a pop-up way (which is cool and what I want). At the end I want the results to see as an image gallery and when I click the image, a pop-up displays the picture and I see the picture of the item next to the text or details of that item. Please, could your plugin help me with this?

    2. I want to add a Head to Head comparison feature, like the one you can see in where you can add two players names and compare them in several aspects. I want to do the same but to compare two different items (out of 100), typing the names or selecting them from a scroll down list and comparing several things about those items (with its own picture). I do have the information to compare those items, I have the information in an excel file and pictures for those items. Could your plugin help me with this?

    Thanks a lot Tobias, I will really appreciate your help.

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    thanks for your questions.

    To be honest, I don’t think that WP-Table Reloaded is useful for these tasks. Mainly, this is because the plugin was designed to show static tabular data. Therefore it lacks “dynamic querying” functionality that would be really helpful for something like this.
    I could imagine a way where WP-Table Reloaded is the basis or foundation of your 1. idea. However, the actual functionality for this would have to be developed as custom JavaScript code, likely with the help of the DataTables JS library’s API. That’s by no means easy, and due to its complexitiy I can’t help with it really 🙁

    For number 2.: For the same reasons above dynamic data as above: I don’t see a way to do this in WP-Table Reloaded.

    For both of your ideas, you are probably better off with a custom solution, either based directly on PHP/mySQL, or maybe on “WordPress Custom Post Types”. Both approaches will require programming though, and that goes beyond just combining two plugins…

    Sorry for not having better news.


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