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  • I am using the wonderful WP-Table Reloaded plugin and found the documentation that says we can add additional function by installing additional plugins for DataTables at their website:

    I downloaded a plug-in that I want to use …. ColVis …. but I just don’t know enough about this jquery stuff etc to know how to get this to work.

    Does anyone know what I need to do? Where do I copy this plugin folder to? What do I need to add to get this plugin’s options/ability to show up in WP-Table Reloaded?

    Thanks for any help in advance.

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  • Plugin Author TobiasBg



    the best way to with these plugins with WP-Table Reloaded tables is the following:
    Instead of using the automatic way of enabling the DataTables library (through WP-Table Reloaded) disable that feature for the table (by unchecking the “Use DataTables library” checkbox).

    Then, all you will get from WP-Table Reloaded is the HTML code for the table, which then is the starting point for the integration of the DataTables library and its plugins. You can do that according to the tutorials on their site. Basically that means that you’ll have to copy the files to some location on your server (not within a plugin directory though, but e.g. in your theme’s folder – if you are not auto-updating it), and that you will then have to add the JavaScript initialisation calls to the footer of your page.

    With that method, you won’t have to deal with WP-Table Reloaded or its PHP code, but only with the DataTables JavaScript and your theme.


    Tobias ~

    Thank you for the nice reply.

    I gave it my best shot this morning… and after a few hours, I think I am going to have to stop trying. I download the DataTables-1.7.3 folder and put it in my theme folder. I disabled the Datatables through Table-Reloaded.. both in the settings.. and also in the certain table settings I was trying to get it to work on… and then added initialisation code in my footer script area in my theme.

    Nothing seemed to work no matter what I tried. I like your plugin better.. it’s just a click of a setting and it works! 🙂

    The main reason I wanted to get this to work is so that I could manage tables in your plugin that are wider than the <div> that I am putting them in.

    I need to have a table about 20 cells wide.. and my width is only 700px, so the table is just going out of my div and is hiding. No matter what I try.. like a “overflow: scroll” for the class .wp-table-reloaded, it continues to be hidden.

    What can I do to manager wide tables? To get scroll bars for example?

    Thanks Tobias

    Plugin Author TobiasBg



    too bad that you could not get it to work on the first try 🙁

    Unfortunately I can’t really help with this, it not only extends the scope of my plugin (which I know in detail), but also makes extensive use of the DataTables library (which I only know in parts).

    I suggest that you ask in the DataTables forums at, on how to integrate the script into your site.
    This is not connected to my plugin then, as my plugin will only deliver the HTML code the table – which you can style with CSS in any way you want or which you can manipulate with the JavaScript library.

    Best wishes,

    Tobias ~

    Thank you for your help. I will check out their forum for additional help with their plugins.

    Appreciate it.

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