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    Hey Tobias,

    Yet another question..

    Is there a file size upload limit?

    I can seem to import/upload a HTML file < 100Kb to replace or create a new table.

    Any more than that and I get a “Table could not be imported.” message.

    Structure seems to be fine. I just cut the same file (table) into 2 tables, each about half the size of the original.

    They import/upload/replace as desired, however the complete file (181Kb) throws the error.

    Thanks again for your help and a great plugin!


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  • Plugin Author TobiasBg



    there might be an upload file size limit in the server config, but it should be a lot higher than 100kb…

    Can you try one of the other methods to get the data to the plugin. I.e. don’t upload the table file, but store it somewhere on your server and use the “From URL” method. Or copy and paste the file contents into the “Manual Input” textfield. Do those work?
    If not, it’s likely the import code’s fault, which is not that robust, because I need to use an external library for it.

    Best wishes,

    Tried all I could… none of them worked until i cut the code down :-). I’m running a VPS so upload file size limit is not an issue.

    Thanks again for your time Tobias!

    hi, we’ve sort of same problems, since we want to have a list of about 900 entries.
    our provider sayd the following:
    Die Problematik hängt mit dem jeweiligen Limit der POST-Variablen zusammen. Dieses Limit kann nicht angehoben werden. Dies ergibt wiederum, dass der Entwickler des Script das Script anpassen muss.

    Die Abfragen dürfen nicht an das Limit herankommen. Dies kann erreicht werden, in dem die Abfrage als solche auf 2 oder mehrere Teilabfragen gesplittet wird.

    would be nice if you can help

    me again, with the 900 row problem;
    our provider – host europe – has in it’s L3 web pack the following suhosin limitation: 768 768

    and offers unfortunately no individual .htaccess modification for that:(


    Plugin Author TobiasBg


    Hi Stephanie,

    thanks for posting the reply from your webhost.

    To be honest, I feel that this is totally BS*.
    Every webhost I had to deal with about this was capable of changingthat limit (which is easy and not even that security relevant…). Of course it is easy to say for Host Europe to say that the script should split up the POST request variables, as it is the most comfortable solution for them. Unfortunately, this is absolutely not easy for me to do, as it has some severe implications on other things within the plugin.

    So, this means: I will definitely look into a better way of dealing with large tables, to get rid of this problem (not just because of you, but because of everyone who has this problem (but might have a more cooperatative webhost)). Unfortunately, this will take some time, as it requires some major plugin restructuring and testing.
    So, until then, I’m sorry to say, it seems that you won’t be able to use such large tables efficiently on your webhost 🙁
    (You could still work on them offline in Excel and export/import the changed table to the plugin.)

    Best wishes,

    * Lustig, dass BS sogar als Abkürzung für Blödsinn geht.

    hi tobias, thank you for your quick answer! well, such a great tool, we were already very happy to have found it and now,…( quite disappointing! i don’t blame it on you, rather on my – 10 years ago provider of choice – but times are changing and i definitely have to look out for a more cooperative and individual provider. host europe is getting getting more and more mainstream ST.

    here is where we want to use it – none commercial project – if you happen to drive someday an electric car, you can checkout jucepoints in germany here…;)

    glad to hear that you’ll work on it!!:):)
    and thank you for the advice to load a whole list, than it works even longer??? but no saving work anymore, right?
    thanks again!

    Plugin Author TobiasBg


    Hi Stephanie,

    thanks for the link to your site!

    About loading the entire table: Yes, this may be slower everytime you do it, but as it does not use the POST process with the row limit (the data transport works differently), you will at least not lose table rows, as you mention correctly.

    Best wishes,

    thanks for the hint to upload the whole list, now it has over 800 entries. works, even when no further saving works by now, it’s ok.
    thanks again for the outstanding software!
    here it is:

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